Bitcoin Meetups in Zürich and Buenos Aires

We found out about a regular Bitcoin meetup that is happening regularly in the city of Zürich, in Switzerland. The group has about 50 members and they gather every two weeks, on Sunday, but it’s growing fast.

The meeting place is at the Starbucks at Bahnhofstr 39, 8000 Zürich. According to the organization, it’s a great opportunity to talk with other Bitcoin enthusiasts, as well as developers and miners. You can find the official page of the Bitcoin Meetup Zürich here and confirm your presence.

Also, the Meetup Fundación Bitcoin Argentina is organizing regular meetups in Buenos Aires. Check the scheduled events here.

Previously, we told you about the regular meetups in New York City, which happen every Thursday. If you know about other city where these kind of meetups are happening, send us a message and share some information.

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