Bitcoin Embassy’s Bitcoin Airdrop Deemed Success by Embassy

In January we detailed the upcoming Bitcoin Airdrop by the Bitcoin Embassy and the McGill Cryptocurrency Club. The event was designed as a non-profit project to foster interest in cryptocurrency amongst university students and promote adoption of its use on campus.

The event took place during the Open Air Pub organized by the Engineering Undergraduate Society on February 23rd and 24th. The concept of the Bitcoin Airdrop was first introduced at MIT in 2014. The goal was simple: create a Bitcoin micro-economy on campus by giving out free bitcoins to students. The Embassy opted for a strategy that the Bitcoin Embassy had already tested out at the Montreal Grand Prix in 2014.

The airdrop included “Bitcoin Educational Packages” in which the recipient would find a paper wallet loaded with 17,000 bits in addition to a guide detailing bitcoin and how to redeem a paper wallet.

The project raised approximately four bitcoins to fund the paper wallets and funded 200 private keys.

A video detailing the event was posted on YouTube.

Around 25% of the private keys were successfully imported within the first 24 hours.

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