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McGill University Bitcoin Airdrop

The Bitcoin Embassy and the McGill Cryptocurrency Club are pleased to announce the “McGill University Bitcoin Airdrop,” a non-profit project to foster interest in cryptocurrency amongst university students and promote adoption of its use on campus. They are aiming to provide 30 mBTC to around 600 students free of charge.

In addition to cryptocurrency, students will receive practical information about using Bitcoin, why cryptocurrency matters, and other educational resources such as flyers, fact sheets, and invitations to free Bitcoin lectures and workshops.

The event, which is set to take place Spring 2015, was inspired by the MIT Bitcoin Airdrop and will be conducted according to a process developed by the Bitcoin Embassy, which has been handing out free bitcoins as part of its bitcoin adoption mandate since Summer 2013.

The paper wallets containing the funds will be handed out in a sealed envelope containing an educational package. This package includes a tutorial on how to import funds from a paper wallet and a guide on wallet security best practices. A copy of the public address is located on the outside of the envelope so that the funds can be loaded in front of recipients–often their first Bitcoin transaction. Recipients are clearly instructed that a paper wallet received from someone else is not safe for storing bitcoins and is meant to be temporary since the creator may keep a copy of the private key.

The campaign to raise the necessary funds has just begun. Donations can be sent to the project’s multisignature wallet3PbkLoXDg77wCCYaHxwHLJ74zkHXFRUKvM. The majority of the funds will be raised by sponsorships from non-profit organizations and Bitcoin businesses.

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