Australian illustrator launches “The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin”, an ebook for beginners

“The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin” is the new ebook that intends to spread the word about cryptocurrency, explaining “Bitcoin to the everyday man and his dog”. The guide, which was launched this week, was developed by the Australian freelance illustrator Gustaf van Wyk.

According to a press release, the book was created to help Bitcoin beginners, “covering everything they need to know to get to grips with the fundamentally disruptive technology which is Bitcoin”. The crypto-guide costs 0.07 BTC (equivalent to $7.77) and has a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

“The stronger Bitcoin gets the more of a threat it becomes to the very institutions that have the buying power to completely disrupt and destroy it. According to the author, the survival of the digital currency revolution lies fundamentally in its widespread use as a means of exchange, not in it as an investment”, the press release adds.

In a short interview, Gustaf van Wyk said that “by giving it [Bitcoin] objective value on the street we can take a significant stand against the fight that Bitcoin will have to inevitably endure before it can truly change the world. The book, if nothing else, is a gesture towards that end”.

Besides teaching the basics of virtual currency, “The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin” has amazing and colorful illustrations created by the author. A lot of readers have already provided a positive feedback, but the guide wants to reach a broader audience.

You can find the ebook here, in the same website that also hosts the author’s blog, but it will be made available to affiliates within the coming weeks.

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