Amazon Further Denies PayBase / GAW Miners Involvement


A few short weeks ago, Coin Fire spoke to officials at Amazon and other retailers about the implementation of PayCoin as a shopping option. We established with the retailers that none of them had any plans to integrate the cryptocurrency directly despite the repeated claims of Josh Garza and users on the HashTalk forums.

Late last night after a series of delays and technical issues, the Paybase website–a product of Garza and GAW Miners–launched to much fanfare with Josh Garza making bold claims to CryptoCoinsNews once again about implementation of Amazon and Paycoin:

Tonight you will see the first merchant integration with Amazon search and shopping within PayBase. You will be able to purchase directly from within the platform. This feature is the first of its kind.

Mr. Garza also repeatedly stated on the Hashtalk forums that they were working with the Amazon API to carry out the purchasing feature. While this is not a direct integration with the merchants as originally claimed, it does shed some light on the issue and prompted Coin Fire to speak with Amazon spokespeople further about Paybase, Paycoin, and GAW Miners.

An Amazon spokesperson once again denied any involvement with Paycoin, Paybase, GAW Miners, or Josh Garza telling the Coin Fire team,

Per our earlier statement Amazon continues to standby our first assertion that we are in no way connected, partnered, or associated with Josh Garza, GAW Miners, Genius at Work, Paycoin, Paybase or any company connected with this operation.

Amazon does run an Amazon Associates program that allows associate members to earn commissions on sales generated via our API and developer tools.

We will work aggressively to disable API calls from those attempting to avoid our account systems, those fulfilling orders that appear to come from Amazon, or those violating the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement.

After speaking extensively with Amazon and showing them various URLs of promises made by Garza and company, they went into further details on the exact sections of the agreement that they believed from a first glance were being violated:

  • […] will not intercept, record, redirect, read, interpret, or fill in the contents of any electronic form or other material submitted to us by any person or entity.
  • […] will not request, collect, obtain, store, cache, or otherwise use any account information used by our customers in connection with any Amazon Site […]
  • […] will not modify, redirect, suppress, or substitute the operation of any button, link, or other feature of the Amazon Site.
  • […] will not make any orders or engage in other transactions of any kind on the Amazon Site on behalf of any other person or entity, or authorize, assist, or encourage any other person or entity to do so.
  • […] will not take any action that could reasonably cause any customer confusion as to our relationship with you, or as to the site on which any functions or transactions (e.g., search, browse, or order) are occurring.

The Amazon spokespeople further elaborated,

Any piece of software, extension or other system which implies a partnership or intercepts customers or customer information is in direct violation of our terms and Amazon will act accordingly.

It further appears that Amazon is once again distancing itself of any relationship with Paycoin.

Coin Fire has reached out to other merchants listed on the PayBase website and will bring further details regarding statements from other merchants we have obtained in the near future.

Coin Fire

Coin Fire is a cryptocurrency news site started on June 6th of 2014. The site focused on hard-hitting investigative stories. Coin Fire was acquired by 99Bitcoins on October 2015.


  1. First of all, this amazon spokesperson is who? What is his/her name?
    Do you have any screenshot? Any citation?

    Fake journalism? FRAUD news site?
    Sorry but no thank you!

  2. I hope it’s not a scam, but either way I made 10x the money during that quick launch than I ever would have on btc.. and sold 90% of my paycoins during the boom anyway.. so whatever.. I’m happy! :)

  3. [email protected] on

    If the journalism was so good here, then how come the “amazon person” wasn’t named

    Seriously people, there are zero facts here

    • Journalist aren’t required to name anonymous sources. You have no idea what good journalism is. Your logic has been corrupted by greed.

      Did you ever look at the source code? Are you comfortable with the fact that the developers hardcoded higher rewards for specific private keys they hold. They get much higher rewards than the average user. This is the only fundamental change that was made. This is clearly a scam.

      • I’m as anti-GAW as they come. However I simply do not believe that Mike actually contacted someone at Amazon. Companies like Amazon authorize very few people to speak on company matters such as these. Your average CS agent or employee isn’t allowed to or they get terminated immediately. Mike has explicitly used the term “spokespeople”. Talking on behalf of the company is literally their job. Therefore naming the person in question is not an issue. So simply name them and be done with it.

        No, I think what has happened here is that Mike just wrote the story knowing full well it could never be disputed. GAW will collapse in the next few weeks and this piece will be hailed as another triumph in investigative journalism. But it is easy to take that gamble when you know the person you are covering is a scam and can’t possibly pull off anything they claim they are going to do. It is like planting evidence against someone that is obviously guilty and calling it justice. And until the source is named it is indistinguishable from that.

  4. I don’t wanna sound like a GAW supporter, or a Bitcoin supporter (because I’m still on the fence about either) but in terms of real, honest journalism.. isn’t standard practice to say who the source at Amazon is? Was it Amazon USA? Canada? Japan? Whole corporate entity? There’s some missing bits of information in the article, and it sounds like you’ve got a hidden agenda that you’re trying to promote.. just saying. All things aside, this could have been written better.

  5. GAWminers/Paycoin is a ponzi scheme.
    They are frauduently claiming a business relationship with Amazon, when Amazon has never stated this.
    On top of Amazon even denying a partnership.

    Strategic fraud

  6. Why don’t you do some real reporting and do a report on the failure of LTC Gear that is probably a real Ponzi and Hashie that hes not responded to people who have lost money or any of the other services that have closed down and ripped people off. No for some reason the only stories on any company are about GAW only. It seems that you have a vendetta, so when you start reporting real news I may even donate to your site but until then your site just seems to be extension of BTC Talk or Reddit

  7. No worries they will self “hack” like the bunch of hacks thay are and blame it on GAW or someone else again to try to get some credibility….just watch

  8. Ok this is the second time you’ve made a post like this which has NO VALUABLE SOURCES. If people are actually believing this ‘article’ (hate post) which states no sources is obviously easy to manipulate/social engineering. People do your research before attempting to justify this post before buying into this manipulative post which only attacks GAW because they’re biased.

  9. And for people asking proof, why didn’t you ask for proof on the Time Inc. article that never happened? Or the $100 million fiat reserve from big investors? I just don’t understand how you question a little article but NOTHING that the GAW CEO claims. Hahahaha, ok I’m done wasting my time here. Have a fun time on your broken Paybase and broken promises.

  10. Look at how hostile and vicious the cult of GAW is. It’s pretty upsetting seeing people behave like this in the 21st century. Can’t you guys go to Paybase? Oh, wait, no you can’t because all the features on it are broken, it has a huge security link which lets other uses log in and see information on other accounts, and the buy price is around $10. So much for the $100,000,000 fiat buy wall at $20 huh.

  11. What is the name of the Amazon Spokes person you spoke to, You provide no more proof that Gaw did, Your basically just saying. you spoke to a amazon rep and he told you everything was a lie.

    Proof? or even names?

  12. Haters gonna hate. Trolls gonna troll.

    Coinfires mentality, “Hey, if this coin succeeds, this might actually help the everyday person’s acceptance of digital currency and boost the adoption of digital currency….. But I’m a hipster who loves my off-brand coffee and bagels.. if more people use it, I won’t feel like a pseudo exclusive elitist. I HATE THIS!!! RIOT AGAINST THE SYSTEM!!”

    Seriously, get a grip.

  13. This is the shittiest piece of journalism i have ever read. You are obviously biased against GAW and its quite sad. I would like to see some official proof of your supposed conversations with Amazon, otherwise you’re just full of shit.

  14. So who are these mysterious “Amazon spokespeople” you speak of? You obviously don’t understand how the Amazon link in PayBase works. It doesn’t violate any portion of the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement. Mis-informed information you are spreading around…as usual.

  15. @Michael Koerner. Why are you so angry at great journalism? And by the way, you can ALREADY buy things on Amazon using . Your ignorance, as an old cliche may have it, isn’t bliss.

  16. And who at Amazon have you gotten your information from? You use quotations yet your accusations (the quotations of legal speak) can be found by most any user with an internet browser. Are rhetorical devices and illogical fallacies now considered, “solid journalism?” -time will tell.

    • That article is from March dude. MAR. 12, 2014, 1:58 PM

      And why hasn’t Garza himself pointed out the “Browser extension” that was developed by one of Amazon’s companies 100% independent of GAW a year ago HAHA Show me where Garza himself explains this, or was everyone supposed to be such astute readers of Business Insider to just remember a random article about some browser extension from last March that also stands in direct contradiction with Garza’s own hype! LOL

      Face it, Garza has made claims that he is in direct negotiations with companies like Amazon…who continually and vehemently deny such claims! HAHA Even if this browser extension was the plan all along that would not really match up to the hype coming from Garza and GAW would it?

      Once all the sheep have lost all their cash and all their bitcoins then the altcoin and cloud mining ponzi scams can finally cease and maybe bitcoin can move forward.

  17. Pointless article, Why are you bad mouthing a company that is just trying to HELP digital currency. I think PAYCOIN has a TON of potential. This hurts everyone not just paycoin. It’s the media that is destroying digi-currency. You’re part of the problem.

    Why don’t you right an article on how awesome it will be to make purchases from Amazon etc. once it goes live.

    Show some support for once.

        • “Help” digital currency?
          In what way exactly?
          By claiming tech that is blatantly ripped from Peercoin as their own?
          By claiming to have partnerships that aren’t proven and haven’t been confirmed?
          By promising and thén retracting a guarantueed value?

          The fact that you then blame the “media” is hilarious.
          Be honest and blame overblown and misguided marketing by the team itself.

          • Canadian Devil on

            They did not rip off Peercoin. Their use of Peercoin code abides by it;s MIT license. All credit Bitcoin and Peercoin for their contribution. Look at the top of the source code files on github:

            // Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
            // Copyright (c) 2009-2012 The Bitcoin developers
            // Copyright (c) 2011-2015 The Peercoin developers
            // Copyright (c) 2014-2015 The Paycoin developers
            // Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license, see the accompanying
            // file COPYING or

    • Because we must hold people accountable for their claims. There is no proof to back up Garza’s (many) claims about what he is doing to supposedly help digital currency.

      I’ve been watching GAW as their Paycoin / Paybase saga has unfolded see red flags at every turn. I’ve even inspected the Paycoin codebase to see if there is any merit to their “Prime Node” and “Orion Controller” hand waving, but it appears that Paycoin is a simple fork of Peercoin and those are just marketing terms they’re using to describe already-existing proof of stake functionality from Peercoin.

      • Canadian Devil on

        You are correct that Paycoin is a folk of Peercoin but isn’t simple.

        GAW did implement Prime and Orion controlers in Paycoin. This is the source code:

        if (primeNodeRate == 0)
        nRewardCoinYear = 5 * CENT;
        else if (primeNodeRate == 10)
        nRewardCoinYear = 10 * CENT;
        else if (primeNodeRate == 20)
        nRewardCoinYear = 20 * CENT;
        else if (primeNodeRate == 100)
        nRewardCoinYear = 100 * CENT;
        else if (primeNodeRate == 350)
        nRewardCoinYear = 350 * CENT;

        You can clearly see that prime controllers stake at a higher rate!

        There have been many fabrications regarding GAW. Please provide proof and knowledge about the subject before making these accusations.

    • You shills are the shit stain on the tighty whities known as GAW! You allow and enable these scams to flourish and further destroy and drag our Crypto community into darkness and we have had enough! Coinfire’s reporting on this story is a beacon of light in a cesspool of deceit and lies by companies like GAW and its legion of mindless gullible cronies. This article may very well save a great many innocent victims.

        • LoL just like the zenpool the highest paying pool of all time that would never be obsolete and always profitable but the second PeeCoin goes live the stock on hashlets are suddenly sold out and the zenpool is paying everyone out 1 satoshi a day. No one is going to buy into your centralized highly manipulated coin. We’ve been monitoring you Gawdrones for quite some time and we know you’re fully willing to believe any line Josh feeds which makes you all just as guilty as he is but the rest of us that can see the forest through the trees we will always be there because the truth stands on its own.

          • You say no one will buy in? I think thousands upon thousands already have. Perhaps it is the “Gawdrones” that see the true potential PayCoin and PayBase have to bring Bitcoin and other crypto coins to the masses.

            What I don’t understand is if you people are so gung-ho on using your Bitcoins anywhere you like why do you slam a company that is giving you exactly what you want?

          • Well because Paycoin goes against everything Bitcoin stands for. When I buy Bitcoins I’m not making ONE guy and his insiders rich and I’ll always have my Bitcoins. Who’s going to put their faith into a centralized coin thats constantly manipulated with terms changing all the time designed to suit and benefit one person. Get it through your head we don’t need or want another ALT-COIN stop trying to make Paycoin happen its NOT going to happen. Do tell me what is PXY giving me that BTC isn’t? I’m not in this to make Josh and his insiders rich thats not what crypto is about and its being hijacked by these miscreants and we’ve all been taken by the hashlet scam. What makes you think this racket isn’t going to be any different than the hashlet scam.

      • KEEP BELIEVING GAW. LOL… You know, Josh never lies!!
        I cant believe some people…
        I hope you are not deep into Josh’ game of “Lets Fool The Donkeys”

        Coinfire you did it again, thank you.

      • Did you ever look at the source code? Are you comfortable with the fact that the developers hardcoded higher rewards for specific private keys they hold. They get much higher rewards than the average user. This is the only fundamental change that was made. This is clearly a scam.

        • Canadian Devil on

          Where in the spource code are the private keys? With the private keys, anyone can access these accounts and take all the coins. Nice story. Can you read/write C++ code?

          • Canadian Devil on

            Okay, I see public keys in the source code. They did this to implement their prime controller. Read their white papers to understand why they did this. The blockchain is great for value/pair transaction storage. This is not the best way to implement their higher stake model but it works. Securely storing meta-data in a blockchain is not easy but is possible so the cost of development is significantly higher than their hardcoded approach.

  18. Wonderful article! Amazing work Coinfire I’m going to share this article everywhere and anywhere I can, you’re investigative work is greatly appreciated in the crypto community as many of us have been trying to expose this scam artist for quite some time.

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