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A collection of the 15 best Bitcoin cartoons

Bitcoin is a serious issue… Well, sometimes! On other occasions, it can be super funny. If you don’t believe it, check out these crypto-cartoons and have a good laugh.

1. How to Regulate Bitcoin

How to Regulate Bitcoin mod

“How to format the public opinion” for dummies.

2. Satoshi’s Magic

Satoshi's Magic mod

Hey, it’s not that easy to make money with Bitcoin, but we recognize this is a funny cartoon.

3. We don’t worry about tax

We don't about Tax mod

A smart allusion to the Cyprus crisis and the money laundering schemes.

4. And we made it there

And we made it there mod

High expectations much?

5. The Bitcoin Kid

The Bitcoin Kid mod

Even the little ones already know the truth.

6. A new way to mine

A new way to mine mod

This is starting to get creepy…

7. Bitcoin obviously rules

Bitcoin Obviously Rules mod

Poor Litecoin users… Admit it, Bitcoin is the stuff!

8. The non stop mining disorder

The Non Stop Mining Disorder mod

Marshmallows can be a good dinner option. As long as you keep mining, everything is fine.

9. Bitcoin or USD? Your choice

Bitcoin or USD Your choice mod

The Bitcoin exhibitionist strikes again.

10. Just what you can buy with Bitcoins

Just what you can buy with Bitcoins mod

Is Death turning into an entrepreneur?

11. Who cares about the authorities?

Who cares about PR mod

Ah, the duality of criteria…

12. Addicts Anonymous

Addicts Anonymous mod

“I’ve started mining a year ago and now I feel I can’t stop… I only want to mine and, then, mine a little more”.

13. Bitcoin weekend welcome mode

Bitcoin Weekend Welcome Mode mod

It looks like Mt. Gox is having a lot of problems lately.

14. Bitcoins are valuable

Bitcoins are Valuable mod

Is that a comboy-hacker?

15. Nothing personal, investment bankers

Nothing Personal Investment Bankers mod

Poor Bitcoin, there’s not a bank or banker in the world that can understand it (or stop fearing its power).

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