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13 Places to check Litecoin market data

If the sound of Litecoin transactions is your digital jam, you probably are an information junkie when it comes to market data.

That is why Bitcoin Examiner decided to gather the best 13 websites and apps where you can check out reliable Litecoin information.

1. LTC-Charts


One of the best platforms to consult comparative value charts for LTC, but also BTC, US dollars, CNY and more.

2. Cryptochart


Full of LTC graphs with US dollar comparison. This website is updated every 10 minutes.

3. LTC Block Explorer


This website contains multiple LTC chats, including data about transactiosn, circulation, difficulty and exchange value.

4. Weuselitecions


We Use Litecoins doesn’t offer any charts, but has a list of useful resources for LTC miners, including market data sources and exchanges.

5. Dc Charts


Discover more about the market depth and exchange charts for LTC and other currencies with the help of this platform.

6. Litecoin Windows Phone App


A great Litecoin app for Windows Phone for Litecoin with information about the exchange rates. Charts should be included in future updates.

7. Price of Litecoins


A Litecoin price estimator algorithm at your service.

8. Bitcoin Wisdom


A good place to find out more about LTC data and exchange prices. This platform is exclusive for exchanges that offer LTC.

9. Allchains


Blockchain stats and data at your disposal in one place.

10. Coin Choose


This website displays useful LTC profitability charts.

11. Litecoin Pool


Lots of information and charts about Litecoin’s hashrate, difficulty and price.

12. Litcoin Rates


A simple-looking, but very useful, LTC price conversion platform.



Still in beta, this website shows you LTC/BTC value comparison charts.

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