Why is China ruling the Bitcoin trading ecosystem [infographic]

Last updated on November 27th, 2013 at 05:23 pm

China. Land of tireless workers and sometimes strange food, but also home of the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange, the now unbeatable BTC China. The Chinese are getting their cryptocurrency on, as the latest trading analysis will show you. This infographic brought to you by Bitcoin Examiner compares the most recent values, breaking the market according to the most famous exchanges around the world.

BTC China has been on top of the game for the last couple of months, surpassing the Japan-based Mt. Gox – once the world’s biggest exchange – and the equally famous Bitstamp.

While the United States keeps trying to regulate cryptocurrency and its banks insist on shutting down some clients’ accounts with the smallest connection to Bitcoin, the Chinese aficionados are completely free to trade in the country, according to Yi Gang, a representative of the People’s Bank of China.


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