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Eulogy made by Patrick Shyu (TechLead)


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2 comments on “‘Why Bitcoin Is Going To Zero’ – YouTube | $37,304.69”

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  1. Once again someone else who clearly hasn’t understood Bitcoin and it’s power/potential.

  2. Watched this, not too bad, clickbait title. But assumes primary use of Bitcoin is for cash like transactions. Whereas at present store of value is the primary use case, as opportunity costs on average are still too high. Ultimately gov.s could order domestic retail to only allow local gov currency… but to be effective all gov.s would have to have a united policy. Worst thing is that it assumes that populations from liberal countries will sleep walk into a fully traceable CBDC. If the video compared Bitcoin to Gold or other stores of value… most arguments in the video wouldn’t be relevant. Also recycles Bitcoin used for crime dumbness despite quite a lot of criminals getting caught because of bitcoin use and clever ones at least using privacy coins (lets see if they get ‘banned’ before we prepare for Bitcoin funeral).

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