What is Tacocoin? A lesson on Tacocoin and Merge Mining

Do you know about Tacocoin?  If you like tacos and/or fun, you probably should.

Tacocoin’s Technical Aspects

Tacocoin is merge minable, in a way that is similar to Myriadcoin. However, while Myriadcoin mining uses a Multi-vPOW system, Tacocoin is a scrypt currency, using the same AuxPOW (Auxillary Proof of Work) used by Namecoin, and possibly Dogecoin in the future.  Merge mining allows miners to mine two coins with no loss of profit on either.  This incentivizes mining smaller coins, and helps secure the blockchain of a coin.

In the words of Billy Markus, the co-founder of Dogecoin:

If you are a scrypt miner, an auxpow enabled coin will allow you to help secure it while mining any other coin of higher difficulty. In compensation for helping secure the coin you gain some of its tokens. In that way, if [a coin] was auxpow enabled, it is saying this: If you help secure my network, you will get some [coins]. If you mine scrypt, you can help secure my network without having to worry about losing profit.

This approach was proven successful by Tacocoin which will soon have 3 times the hashrate of Dogecoin, due to the addition to multiple very large Dogecoin pools and Litecoin pools.

In addition, Tacocoin has an active development team, with a github repository with more commits than most coins.

The Digital Currency Community Surrounding Tacocoin

Another benefit to Tacocoin is its active community.  Tacocoin was started on reddit, with the sole intent of having fun.  The coin has no premine, and steady growth, because our community values trust and fun, not getting rich quick.

/r/tacocoin on reddit is your central hub of Tacocoin news, and we have an active community and tipbot.

I encourage you to check out tacocoin and its community, as I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun.

Stay crunchy,

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