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Top 3 RWA Coins to Buy March 2024: As BlackRock Tokenize First Funds on Ethereum – Discover Real World Assets

What is RWA? Get ahead of the next big crypto narrative and discover Real World Assets. Find out the best RWA Coins to buy in March 2024.

As BlackRock launches first tokenized fund on Ethereum, investors flock to get ahead of the next big crypto narrative, Real World Assets seem set to emerge as the next major trend, but what is RWA? And, what are the best RWA coins to buy in March 2024?

At the heart of substantial profits in any crypto bull run, is time spent researching to get ahead of the next crypto narrative trend, indeed, past bull markets have shown that investors unlock the biggest growth in emerging crypto verticals – not established ones.

In the latest news sending a shockwave through the crypto industry, institutional giant BlackRock has just launched the first-ever tokenized fund on Ethereum (ERC-20).


So with the crypto bull market making a comeback, it’s crucial to understand the best sectors for investment – and one area that’s drawing significant attention is the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA).

Here’s a detailed look into the RWA sector, highlighting its potential, key players like BlackRock, and three promising RWA coins.

As BlackRock Tokenizes the First Funds on Ethereum – Real World Assets Are Back: But What Are RWA?

What is RWA? Blackrock just tokenized the first funds on Ethereum, Real World Assets are back, find out best RWA Coins to buy in March 2024.

The RWA sector stands out with the largest potential market in the world, with tokenization encompassing huge industries including real estate, commodities, precious metals, stocks, bonds, artwork, and fractional tokenization of investments in these assets.

Predictions by Boston Consulting Group suggest the RWA sector could grow to a $16 trillion opportunity by 2030 – a testament to its vast potential and appeal.

Here are some other milestones in the RWA sector before we get into the top three projects:

  • BlackRock’s Milestone: In October, BlackRock executed the first live tokenized collateral settlement via JP Morgan’s Onyx blockchain. This move underscores the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of tokenization in meeting margin requirements.
  • Bank of America’s Endorsement: The second-largest U.S. bank has identified RWA tokenization as a “key driver of digital asset adoption.” This endorsement underscores the sector’s potential to reshape the financial landscape.
  • Sector Growth: In 2023, despite a bear market, the chain value of the RWA sector grew by $1.05 billion. Treasuries and bonds alone accounted for a $557 million increase.

RWA Coins #1: Realio Network (RIO)


Realio Network (RIO) is the top trending RWA project right now, with investors hyped up with excitement as RIO pushes towards launching holder bonds; in the latest development of its real estate sector ecosystem.

Realio Network offers a solution for tokenizing and purchasing fractional shares of real estate – this aligns with their mission to “eliminate barriers to investing in exclusive real estate, private equity, and other real-world assets through decentralized finance.”


As of today, the live price of RIO stands at $1.42 USD, reflecting a vibrant 24-hour trading volume, and analysts predict that RIO could undertake explosive growth this year as Realio Network offers a new standard for asset tokenization – making real estate investment more accessible through digital private equity.

RWA Coins #2: XDC Network (XDC)


With BlackRock leading the charge into RWA coins, Larry Fink is a key figure to watch, and recently when asked about meme coins, he responded that he “couldn’t wait for them to die” so that RWA could flourish – at the spearhead of this shift is XDC Network (XDC).

With a mission to “build a global digital economy where any asset can be tokenized and traded efficiently,” the network is designed to help businesses improve their record keeping, exchange data, and transfer assets more securely and efficiently – with institutional and SMC tokenization at the heart of the ecosystem’s offering.

As of today, the live price of XDC stands at $0.046336 USD – poised for major growth as crypto markets shift into the emerging Real World Asset narrative.

RWA Coins #3: Landshare (LAND)


With more than three years of real estate tokenization under its belt, Landshare (LAND) is a low cap RWA play positioned for substantial growth, as it enables retail investors to participate in crowdsourced real estate flips and renovations.


Now standing as one of the most prominent tokenization projects on Binance Smart Chain, Landshare offers token holders the opportunity to passively buy and hold shares in rental properties – providing an alluring decentralized opportunity for passive income and real estate exposure; without the stresses or overheads of property management – and bolstered by 24/7 liquidity.

The Bottom Line: Real World Assets Set For Seismic Growth

By the end of January, four RWA lending protocols (Trui, Maple Finance, Goldfinch, and Centrifuge) ranked among the top 10 DeFi lending protocols, with cumulative active loans exceeding $326 million.

This achievement is notable, especially considering some of these projects have market caps well below $1 billion, some even under $100 million.

RWA  promises more stability and sustainability compared to high-risk, high-reward DeFi projects that may not withstand market volatility. It’s why they feign so much institutional interest.

And as BlackRock make moves – RWA is looking like the next big thing to hit the crypto space.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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