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Top 3 New Crypto Coins 2024 – Best Crypto To Invest This April

Investors are scrambling to find the best crypto to invest in for April 2024, and as crypto markets seem poised for the next major bull run, in this article explore the newest crypto coins on the market.

It is no secret that the crypto and blockchain scene is a whirlwind of innovation and possibility, with new projects emerging all the time.

There are over 2.4 million coins and tokens, according to CoinMarketCap (CMC) records as of March 26 – and that’s likely just scratching the surface.

Therefore, and as expected, given the success of crypto launched in Q1 2024, investors are keeping their eyes peeled on top new crypto coins as we head into April 2024. 

For investors searching for opportunities, this article explores three new crypto projects that are gaining traction among investors, and unpacks why they could be the best crypto to invest in for the year ahead.

#1 – Dogecoin20: A Supercharged Version Of Dogecoin?

Investors are scrambling to find the best crypto to invest in for April 2024, in this article explore the newest crypto coins on the market.

In the last bull cycle, Dogecoin dominated as the leading meme coin by market capitalization – it still does and is perched as the 8th biggest crypto project with a market cap of over $26 billion.

The problem is that the meme coin industry is highly competitive, and crypto enthusiasts want more – this is where Dogecoin20 jumps in.

Dogecoin20 aims to tap into the success of Dogecoin by using Ethereum’s proof-of-stake rails, that means DOGE20 is an environmentally friendly option compared to DOGE. Beyond this, Dogecoin20 offers multiple other goodies on its upcoming roadmap that is fuelling investor attention; indeed, Dogecoin20 has raised over $10.5 million in the ongoing presale – testament to the hype.

In April 2024, investors can look at Dogecoin20 primarily because of the following:

  • Staking yields: Dogecoin20 allows high-yield staking, those who choose to can receive as high as 106% APY.
  • Environmental friendly: Dogecoin20 rides on Ethereum, a blockchain that ditched the proof-of-work consensus for a staking option. This approach makes the network, and thus Dogecoin20, more sustainable and appealing for environmentally conscious investors.  
  • DOGE20 success: As Doge-related meme coins boom, it is likely that DOGE20 will also rally in the months to come. The platform plans to launch a few hours after the Bitcoin halving event in April 2024, a possible catalyst for even more gains.

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#2 – 5th Scape: Bringing VR Gaming On-Chain

5th Scape is a new platform that redefines virtual reality (VR) gaming by integrating blockchain technology, their utility token, 5SCAPE, unlocks a world of immersive experiences. 

In the ongoing presale, the project has already raised over $2.5 million with investors flocking to the promising VR Web3 ecosystem.

Here are the key reasons behind 5th Scape’s prescale growth:

  • VR everywhere: 5th Scape offers seamless access to various VR games, from live MMA experiences to virtual reality soccer and cricket. 
  • Tokenized benefits: Holders of 5SCAPE receive exclusive in-game rewards. Moreover, they get special access to features and even free basic gameplay.
  • Learning through play: The platform offers educational materials like VR tutorials and interactive modules to promote adoption. This approach helps foster a unique learning environment.
  • Thrills and entertainment: 5th Scape allows token holders to enjoy the thrill of blockbuster movies in a VR world. The integration of VR takes entertainment to a new level. 

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#3 – Smog: An Ambitious Airdrop Meme Coin Project

Dogecoin20, Smog, and 5th Scape are the top new crypto coins investors can consider and get exposure to in April 2024

The name might be unconventional, especially for “green” enthusiasts and environmentalists. However, beyond the name, Smog is a meme coin project that has adopted a community-first approach and has high ambitions.

The platform runs on Solana, a high-throughput and scalable blockchain, and it aims to compete with BONK and other major tokens – with the unique offering of a high-octane airdrop adventure.

Here’s why Smog is interesting and worth exploring in 2024:

  • Launch success: Barely 24 hours after launching, SMOG rose 13X, aligning with the general success meme coins deploying on Solana had seen. 
  • Staking yield and rewards: Beyond the success at launch, SMOG holders can stake and receive as high as 42% APY. The high yields offer holders an opportunity to earn passive income, expanding their income base. 
  • Ongoing airdrop: The project plans to distribute 35% of its total supply through an airdrop campaign, rewarding loyal holders.

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The Bottom Line: Best Crypto To Invest In April 2024

DOGE20, 5thScape, and SMOG all offer highly lucrative opportunities to get in early on some of the newest crypto coins in the space ahead of the 2024 bull run.

Bold moves by sharp investors, that ape into ambitious presales and token launches, could pay back 50x with huge gains in the year ahead.

Indeed, with the upcoming Bitcoin halving event set to catalyze a major supply shock in late April – now is the time to position in the best crypto to invest in – so don’t miss out.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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