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The tale of the cryptocurrency journalist

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Today is like any other ordinary day. Sitting at my iMac reading the r/bitcoin forums and formulating an academic draft at the same time. This comes with much research, citation, coffee and note-taking. I’m writing a book on crypto-anarchy and the cypherpunks of the past. I drink my java at 4:30 in the morning while my writing is at its best.

This is my daily ritual as I am also a Bitcoin and fintech journalist and graphic artist. I write articles every day about the magic virtual money flying across cyberspace. I’ve taken a keen interest in putting words and visuals together, into the digital currency we all love.

[tweet_box design=”default”]Bitcoin journalism and its fellow publications are bringing forth a new era of freelance writing and entrepreneurship.[/tweet_box]

busy-press-media-reporters-journalistsI think Bitcoin journalism and its fellow publications are bringing forth a new era of freelance writing and entrepreneurship. I work in a decentralized and incentivized office setting. There is a virtual online meeting and office area. Our group settings occupy places like Slack, Trello, and Google Hangouts. This is where writers, editors and publishers congregate to discuss news and opinion. The people I work with are from all over the globe.

It is nice to be able to have contact with people from all across the world and discuss financial tech and cryptocurrency, how it is changing their world from their locale. This means that, just like Bitcoin, its writers, editors and journalists are up 24/7 ready to tell you the news. Writers and editors meet and trade tips on a daily basis just like traders on the Bitcoin markets. This includes artists and graphic makers producing the coolest visuals around. I can’t speak for the entire tribe of Bitcoin journalists, but I can tell you one thing about me: I love to tell readers the latest news. Bitcoin is my passion.

Our news is different

News today on typical mainstream publications are quite boring. There really isn’t anything new, even when it comes to politics. As for cryptocurrency, news and financial tech there is new news every single day. Like new unique startups and exciting companies using technologies and the distributed ledger to create brand spanking new information. You know, things that journalists like myself get very excited about.

Guess what? We are reporters that love to share this news with you, because we have the same passions as you do. We are writers that love Bitcoin, decentralized markets, mesh networks and everything in between. We are storytellers that love hearing how the financial tech industry is a billion-dollar growing environment.

war-zone-2-journalist-cartoonIn my life I am approached by family members and friends who don’t understand what I do. I am a reporter, I tell them and I write about financial tech and Bitcoin. A lot of people don’t know what Bitcoin is yet, but do understand the concepts of fintech.

I have found recently that providing explanations about financial tech first helps ease the discussion when talking about Bitcoin. Telling people about their phone and how they bank with it, and certain apps they use. Then the almighty discussion of digital currency, which to me IS fintech. Family members are astounded that I get paid in digital currency to write about virtual money and related technology.

They say “so you write about Bitcoin everyday?” and the answer is:

Yes. To this day, every Satoshi I get for writing about a ‘new economy’ makes me extremely happy. It should make you happy too, as we ALL are building this economic ecosystem.

bitcoin-internet-620x420I write about Bitcoin every single day. There’s not a moment that goes by where it’s not on my mind. If you think you’re checking the price ticker too much, try stepping into our shoes. The thing is: we journalists and writers love Bitcoin just as much as you do.

It’s not our fault that Mt. Gox went under, or that the price dipped $50 yesterday. Just as it’s no our fault that a great amount of Bitcoin businesses left New York in the month of August. But I sure love to tell you these things. I like to tell you the good things surrounding Bitcoin too, like the various charities, artists, and its surrounding innovators.

Every single day something new is happening and changing this landscape. New peer-to-peer applications are being created for everyone to use. Everyone is beginning to learn that open source is indeed better, and decentralized is the way to go. Journalists like myself are telling you news that even we have never heard before, about technologies and software just being born. This is the most amazing thing about my job, listening to the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer” and writing about newly created tech.

Bitcoin publications and its journalistic differences are pretty cool in my opinion.

We operate with the tools we talk about and live by them. I live and pay my bills with Bitcoin and support a family. I operate in a virtual environment with awesome people from all around the globe in a decentralized manner.

No one is really a boss, we act according to our roles and act as various incentivized nodes. We journalists, we are part of our own blockchain of sorts and we are creating a news program like no other. Bitcoin and its surrounding economy is growing so fast not even we can keep up with it.

Jamie Redman is a bitcoin enthusiast, graphic artist, and journalist with an intense passion for free markets and sound money.

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