“The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin (And The New Kid On The Blockchain)” – Forbes | $1234.36

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

I used to be an avid trader years ago, and my co-founder is as hardcore of a crypto-anarchist as they come. I would love nothing more than for bitcoin to succeed, but I believe it will die a slow and painful death and something else will come along to be its successor.

Eulogy made by: Ben Lee


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Julieta escartin
Julieta escartin

I like Bitcoin wallet I registered yesterday . I’m always to post my all account .Social media. If even I’m not the understand how to do . Please teach me. Or guide me. How to work my Bitcoin wallet. Thank you very much I’m waiting your reply.god bless you all I like it so much all my friend introduce this bitcoins

Zsofia Elek
Zsofia Elek

Hi Julieta, here is a link to the article that explains how Bitcoin wallets work: https://99bitcoins.com/what-is-bitcoin-wallet-bwbt-3/ I also suggest you to sign up to our Crash Course on the home page, it could have lot of relevant information to you.