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‘The Bitcoin Scam’ – Tribune | $8,544.97

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Despite the utopian claims of its proponents, Bitcoin is a right-wing nightmare which facilitates tax evasion, money laundering and environmental degradation.

Bitcoin launched in 2009 when the despair of the last global crash provided the perfect context for the growth of subversive financial technology that aimed to upturn the old order. But, while this might be the narrative, bitcoin in reality does no such thing. What began as a utopian project of monetary secessionism has, for the last few years, been shifting ever closer to the worlds of politics and finance — the realms its early adopters argued they were escaping.

Eulogy made by Alex Soel


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  1. lol even if it is a scam do what you can to earn from it while it last, its not like are not making it big becoming millionaires and billionaire, just buy investing in it not talk of job provision as Miners.

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