״The Bitcoin Bubble Has Burst״ – Whistling In the Wind | $84.59

Well it has finally happened. We looked at those charts of ever rising price of bitcoin and said this cannot last, and it hasn’t. The bitcoin bubble has finally peaked and now all that is left is to watch its steady and inexorable decline.

So what now for bitcoin? It will crash and disappear like Pets.com, Leheman Brothers and Anglo Irish Bank, existing only in the memories of economists. 

Eulogy made by Robert Nielsen


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Oh man, these are amazing. It’s astounding that these finance/economics “experts” so readily pronounce BTC ‘dead’ when it’s still – even right now in May 2018 – in its infancy. It’s like these “experts” just forget all of the basics of economics when they critique cryptocurrencies…

It took a whopping *400 years* for the Western World to adopt paper currency (after centuries of ignoring it, then ridiculing it, and finally, fighting it). Disruptive technologies take time, but BTC is here to stay.