Now that’s creative! Art4Bit sells pieces of art for cryptocurrency

We have already seen a lot of products that can be bought online with Bitcoins. Clothes, electronics, games… You name it! But art is not something you see every day in the cryptocurrency world. That is why Art4Bit decided to start selling pieces of art only for virtual currency like Bitcoin and also Litecoin.

The e-commerce platform was founded in February 2013, so it’s still a fresh business. However, the virtual art gallery has its goals well defined: according to their online manifesto, Art4Bit is a “cryptocurrency-oriented” store “aimed at supporting artists, with the purpose to ethically promote, valorize and sell their artworks”.

Besides selling art and promoting its artists, the website also wants to create “synergies between art and cryptocurrencies”, as well as “develop an artists network, creating a community of Art4Bitters, who are encouraged to develop common projects”.

The platform is displaying the work of five artists for now, but they assure that more news is coming soon. If you’re an artist interested in showing your work and selling it for virtual currency, you can send your submission to the address [email protected].

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