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How is the Bitcoin Car Tour Going?

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We’ve been hearing a lot about the The North American Bitcoin Car Giveaway Tour and wanted to check in on the status of the tour, the car and how things are going.

For those of you who aren’t aware the Tour is a joint task of several names in Bitcoin including Bitcoin Trader, Bit Pages, Kryptoz Media and several more.

We’ve been closely watching the tour as it crisscrosses across North America and spoke with Robbie the CEO at about how things have been going on the tour.

Coin Fire: So Robbie, how has the tour been going thus far?

Robbie: It’s been great. A lot of excitement and curiosity. We will be in Minneapolis tonight at Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits for a big party bringing more awareness about Bitcoin and our sponsors.

Coin Fire: What is something interesting that has happened thus far on the tour?

Robbie: When we did the event for the launch of Calgary’s first Bitcoin ATM Machine this guy drove by on his motorcycle, quickly did a u turn and pulled up at our display table. He asked a few question and got more excited as time went on. He ran to the new Bitcoin ATM Machine by BitAccess with operators Bitcoin Brains and CaVirtex bought a bunch of bitcoin turned around and bought a coffee with it and hit the road. This was the very first time hearing about Bitcoin but as he drove off he said I’m telling everyone about this!

Coin Fire: Who is someone interesting you’ve met on the tour? Can you tell us a bit about them?

Robbie: Meeting Joseph David president of CaVirtex was great. He’s a very genuine and honest guy and appreciated his appreciation for what Kryptoz Media stands for and we plan to work on many exciting promotions and campaigns in the future.

Coin Fire: Chicago is quickly approaching. How pumped are you about that?

Robbie: I’m super pumped we have a full display booth set up and look forward to learning and networking at this great event. Moe has done an outstanding job planning for this.

Coin Fire: Run in to any crazy or inclement weather yet?

Robbie: Nothing yet. Some wind gusts but we have already prepared for that. With over 60 cities left on the tour I’m sure we’ll run into some bad weather just hope no acts of God occur.

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