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Bitcoin prices will continue to tumble in 2019

The simple truth is that there are virtually no investment strategies that are worse ideas than cryptocurrencies. “Investing” in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is pure, unadulterated speculation. I put investing in parentheses because this is not investing, it is speculating. Cryptocurrencies are the “Tulipmania” of the 21st century.

Eulogy made by Robert R. Johnson

I am predicting bitcoin to the $2,000 level in the near future. It will eventually drop to a price where it is too expensive to mine because of the energy costs… It was the thin edge of the wedge that ushered in a paradigm shift, like Black and White TV. It will be supplanted by something better that is infinitely more fungible.

Eulogy made by Ken Bodnar

The hardware mining aspect will also affect the price since profitability will significantly decrease, lowering the hype on it’s earning potential. This will have a negative effect on the price as miners get out of the game and sell their profits during mining uncertainty.

Eulogy made by Josh Boram

Crypto really is worthless unless it is used. Bitcoin’s main draw is the size of the network… Without effective payment processing, Bitcoin will drop under $1,000 before EOY 2019.

Eulogy made by Drew Farnsworth


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