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NFTFN’s Presale Success: Surpasses $600K, Aims for $1 Million – But is This BRC-20 Presale Much Better?

Don't miss out on the NFTFN presale! Grab your bag of NFTFN NFT now and join the revolution in the NFT market - Here's How.

The NFTFN presale, a project that aims to simplify the NFT market for the average investor, is tearing through the NFTFN NFT charts. Over 20 million tokens have been grabbed, pushing past $600,000 in a heartbeat.

Historically, high entry costs, limited hedging opportunities, and complex platforms have deterred many from exploring the NFT space.

NFTFN aims to change that narrative.

With $1 million now in sight, the NFTFN presale describes itself as ” the ultimate perp platform for trading everything – Blue-Chip NFTs, Ordinals, Crypto, and even Real-World Assets (RWAs).”

Here’s how to pick up your bag of NFTFN tokens.

NFTN Presale is Drawing 100x Type Attention

 NFTFN’s presale is unfolding in six strategic stages, each with a designated number of tokens priced advantageously for early birds.

The first stage, offering 10 million tokens at $0.025 each, was quickly sold out.

The second stage is nearly wrapping up, with 25 million tokens available at $0.030 each, giving investors a prime opportunity to buy in at a still-attractive rate.


NFTFN has an ambitious course for 2024, filled with significant milestones:

  • The Q1 2024 Mainnet Launch and Token Release
  • Ordinals and individual NFT Perps will make their debut post the NFTFN presale, starting with heavy hitters like BAYC.
  • By Q2-Q3 2024, expect support for major NFT projects, a real-time market update Telegram bot, cross-margin trading, and RWAs.

With the global NFT market projected to reach a breathtaking $230 billion by 2030, NFTFN stands at the forefront of this burgeoning industry.

Access the NFTN presale here.

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NFTFN Presale to $1M,  99Bitcoins Presale to $2M

In the wake of the latest Bitcoin Halving, 99Bitcoins makes waves in the EduTech crypto realm, amassing $1.2M in its presale for the 99BTC token.

99Bitcoins is positioning as an altcoin trailblazer for the year ahead, introducing a ground-breaking learn-to-earn strategy through the 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC).

For ages, 99Bitcoins has stood as a beacon of knowledge in crypto, guiding lost souls to clarity – with a trusted OG platform.

And let’s not forget our World-Famous Bitcoin Obituaries, where we chronicle the countless times Bitcoin was declared dead, only to rise again.

Kicking off at $0.00105 a token, 99BTC’s presale hints at massive gains ahead—grab your piece of this 12-year odyssey now.

Get Involved in This Historic Presale Here

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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