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NFT NYC 2024: Everything You Need to Know Going In

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NFTNYC: As the New York crypto community brace for NFT NYC 2024, unpack the hype with 99Bitcoin's guide to NFT NYC dates and tickets.

As crypto markets rally to new heights, the hype is building for the majesty that is – NFT NYC 2024 – with more than 30,000 NFT tickets sold – the NFT community will soon be descending on the Hudson – but what is NFTNYC?

At NFT NYC normalcy is the outsider, and creativity and esotericism reign supreme as crypto die-hards prepare to engage in a reignited NFT market now worth $70.94 billion — a long way from the muted excitement of last year’s crypto winter.

This year’s NFT NYC dates are April 3-5, 2024, however, with the crypto community in high spirits amid meme coin fever – side events will be starting as early as March 26.

Indeed, side events are emerging as a big fixture of this year’s crypto conference season, and NFT NYC 2024 is no exception with as many as 150 side events planned. So, deep-dive this article and discover what to expect at NFT NYC this year, and why 2024 could be a rebound year for NFTs.

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NFT NYC 2024: A Fall From Grace

Last year, NFTs experienced a tough year, in the depths of a crypto winter following the seismic collapse of FTX – NFT markets witnessed a dearth of appetite.

Indeed, leading NFT marketplace OpenSea revealed that 80% of digital art minted through its creation tool was spam, scams, or fraudulent.

There were some signs of life, with the launch of Bitcoin Ordinals and the Blur NFT marketplace generating over $200 million in weekly trading volume.

Daniel Bedford, CEO of Re-Evolution a video game using blockchain and digital assets, explained how the industry has had to pivot from its shattered reputation after 2022.

“The branding around NFTs is dead; nobody wants to hear someone trying to sell them NFTs,” explained Bedford.

We’ve completely reworded our message and purged almost every reference to NFTs in our product because it’s a turn-off.”

But, despite that the NFT market is on the rise again – with floor prices for “blue chip” NFTs such as CryptoPunks and Bored Apes increasing over the past few months.

At a broader level, there is a trend of moving away from costly NFT “members clubs” that offer only a limited number of assets toward more reasonably priced assets that are produced in larger quantities.

It also helps that major companies like Starbucks and Nike are showing continued interest in NFTs, contributing to this trend and legitimacy in the mainstream.

What Could Be The Most Popular NFTs in 2024?

At NFT NYC 2024 and beyond, here are three NFTs that are rising in influence and about to dominate the market.

#1 – Claynosaurz

The first is Claynosaurz, a Pixar-inspired NFT project with Veteran artists with notable feature film credits. – built on the Solana blockchain, the project began as a universe of stylized dinosaurs called “Clayno” and has now expanded to include short CGI movies.

#2 – Heroes of Mavia

The next project is Sky Mavis’s Heroes of Mavia – which has dual-market appeal that could see major value accrual due to explosive interest in the GameFi sector.


In many ways, Heroes of Mavia is crypto clash of clans – except that is enables players to generate passive income by owning land in-game.

Land is finite in the game, and is rented out to users so they can build their bases – so whether you’re a landlord, or, a user, both receive rewards in RUBY and MAVIA, their in-game cryptocurrency.

#3 – Vee Friends


The last project is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vee Friends, which could form a key project to get involved with ahead of NFTNYC as Vaynerchuk himself is throwing a secret wine party at the NFT NYC 2024 event – open to anyone.

He’s certainly invested in the future of his project, and the prices are still relatively cheap, making Vee Friends an intriguing buy for those interested in trading card games.

The Bottom Line: Final Thoughts Ahead of NFTNYC

As NFT NYC 2024 looms on the horizon, it whispers promises of wilder times – borrowing from the age-old wisdom, ‘In a bull market, everyone is a genius.’

But let’s twist that to fit our NFTNYC narrative—in a bull market, the fun isn’t just a possibility; it’s a guarantee – stay tuned for our coverage of NFT NYC 2024.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

Isaiah McCall is an ultramarathon runner and journalist for 99Bitcoins.

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