“John McAfee accidentally just revealed why Bitcoin is a total fraud” – Natural News | $3,650.83

The bottom line? Bitcoin is headed for failure…

Will that totalitarian regime allow all their central banks and government currencies to be made obsolete by a libertarian cryptocurrency they don’t completely control? Of course not. And anyone who believes Bitcoin will overthrow the globalist money / debt cartels is naive and stupid. Trust me when I say a bunch of geeks aren’t going to overthrow centuries of globalist money domination that now rules our corrupt world.

Eulogy made by Mike Adams


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Ryan W
Ryan W

Coming from the guy who said that he would be the president of the US with 100% certainty in the 2016 election, lol this guy is obviously a nutcase. He has one good company and everyone wants to listen to what he says because his name is familiar thanks to his windows bloatware.