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Jody Drake of Butterfly Labs Claims Unable to Buy Groceries

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In a strange twist of events the General Manager of Butterfly Labs is claiming that due to personal asset freezes by the court order from the FTC she is now unable to even buy groceries.

Butterfly Labs requested the court allow what it calls five key witnesses to give live testimonial to the court.

Those witnesses now include a Representative of the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office; Mr. Bruce Bourne, Consultant to Company and Acting CFO;  Mr. Jeff Ownby, Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce and Co-Founder of Company;  Ms. Jody Drake, General Manager;  and Ms. Linda M. Freeman, MarksNelson LLC.

All five are expected to give testimonial in support of Butterfly Labs if allowed to give testimonial.

Rep from District Attorney’s Office

This witness, who is expected to be either an attorney or investigator from the DA’s office, will address aspects of its investigation into BF Labs, explain how the company has been cooperative during the investigation, has met all deadlines, and has been involved in ongoing negotiations toward settlement of the dispute over the application of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

Mr. Bruce Bourne

Mr. Bourne will tell the Court about why he was attracted to the opportunities presented by BF Labs, and his views on the former and current management team. He will address the allegations and claims made by the FTC and tackle head on the issues in the past and the future of the company if not already destroyed by the FTC’s heavy-handed tactics. Mr. Bourne will tell the Court why BF Labs is not a fraud, and why he put his talents to work at the company and made a personal investment of his time and energy in the opportunity.

Mr. Jeff Ownby

He will testify about the history of BF Labs and the early days of this start-up technology company. He will describe his role as one of three founders of BF Labs, the initial goals of the company, its operating history, and its future. Mr. Ownby also has helpful knowledge to share with the Court about bitcoin and the bitcoin mining industry. He will explain to the Court the opportunity he saw in the industry, how he helped breathe life into it, the criticisms of the company, and his hopes for the future of the company.

Ms. Jody Drake

Ms. Drake will describe her role at BF Labs. While she has been involved in customer service, shipping, human resources, and general office purchasing, she has never made policy at the company or been actively involved in management decision making. She will describe for the Court the shock and horror of being served with the FTC Complaint, facing a personal asset freeze, filling out financial forms that are totally unnecessary for someone in her role, and her meager assets. She will also describe her request that she be allowed to buy groceries and gas after being personally sued by the FTC.

Ms. Linda M. Freeman

She will testify about start-up companies, accounting, reporting, tax and other financial issues related to BF Labs. She can answer questions the Court may have about BF Labs finances. She will also testify and inform the Court about improvements made at BF Labs over time and the internal controls that have been implemented, along with efforts made (with supervision provided by Bruce Bourne) by the company to better itself and comply with all accounting and tax obligations under the laws of the United States of America.


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  1. fuck that stupid bitch. some of us havent been able to afford anything because of her ponzi scheme business’s practices over the past two years.

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