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Hash Profit Goes Offline is a cloud mining service that appears to now be offline.

The service which claims to be from Cyprus and has launched an alt currency called Profit Coin that is now traded on several exchanges posted a news item to the homepage of the website yesterday stating:

Attention! There is highly coordinated and massive DDoS attack on Hash Profit service taking place right now.

Site and infrastructure of Hash Profit is under unprecended massive DDoS attack right now.

While English is not the primary language of the operators of Hash Profit they had posted on the website and Bitcoin Talk in English that they were fighting off attacks and would be back online again soon.

As of Sunday afternoon the website when accessible displays the following message:

Attention! There is highly coordinated and massive DDoS attack on Hash Profit service taking place right now.

Site and infrastructure of Hash Profit is under unprecedented massive DDoS attack right now.

Attackers spreading the word of panic about collapse of our service and other nonsense with only one main target – to provoke mass panic.

Many users neglecting common safety or being inaccurate has compromised their accounts and that has led to availability of malefactors to sell 15% of their hashrate for PFC and sell these coins via the exchange service, which in turn led to downgrade of PFC exchange rate.

All this is happening right now because lead companies of this market has understood the threat from HP service for their place in the market and they’re doing everything possible to drown the company.

Right now HP team is working hard to reflect all the types of threats and the most important is defending of keeping and payout system – that’s the main target of attackers.

Also our email is overcrowded with spam and rubbish from hacked users’ mails, and that makes fast responses to real users questions very hard.

Main help from our service’s users in solution of this difficult problem:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Do everything possible to defend your own accounts – mails, BTC-wallets and computers.

Our service was under the most severe attack ever. Due to most specialists’ holidays we’ve decided for a reliable safety of users’ funds to suspend site’s work until the first Monday of 2015 (5th of January). Everybody will return to standard work then and we’ll continue our work in a usual way. Please be calm. Thank you for understanding.

To keep contact with our users and to separate priority mail from spam, we’ve developed mail accepting via BTC payments. For guaranteed processing of your message you’ll have to pay small amount through an interface below.

We’ve successfully deflected serious threats and attacks on our service earlier and we’re sure that together we can do this even in a situation this hard.

The service states it will come back online on Monday the 5th. Many in the community have questioned the legitimacy of the mining service since it came online to the point that the service posted images on Bitcoin Talk that it claimed proved that they were mining.

While the operators have yet to release any statements about if the mining operations are online during this downtime. Many have assumed that the mining operations are still online.

Whether or not the service comes back online in early January remains to be seen.

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One of the investors in Hash Profit project has reffered to experts in cyber security to get a complete and objective information about the unstable site’s work. Specialists are currently conducting a detailed investigation of the HP service trying to establish the true causes of stopping site’s work as usual. All costs have been taken by private person who wished to remain anonymous. To fast and completly results, you can support the initiative
(bitcoin adress- 1NkM5EGCjgHbQuCDHKsx86zqhspjkVp3o4)

Results will be published shortly and be able to all users of service.

Organization URL –

Thank’s for attention and support

Ponzi Hunter
Ponzi Hunter

Mike, Brendon, Christina, Leo and Teddy
Thanks for the updates!
You guys (and gal) are the best!


HAshprofit alternative link: Go to:

CocaColaCoin (@cocacolacoin)
CocaColaCoin (@cocacolacoin)


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