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GAW Increasing Hashlet Prices Again

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Editors Note: Leo’s first post here on Coin Fire originally contained an affiliate link to GAW Miners. I have personally spoken to Leo regarding this practice and that Coin Fire does not engage in using affiliate links in news stories. He has agreed to no longer do this moving forward and I have personally removed this affiliate link. We take editorial integrity very importantly at Coin Fire and this sort of practice is not in the spirit of our editorial guidelines even if it was disclosed as an affiliate link in the story. – Mike

GAW Miners will be increasing the prices of the GAW Hashlet once again to a new price of $24.95 for 1MH/s from $19.99 (up from original price of $15.99) in an effort to slow down the demand of purchases so the company has time to keep up with the ever-increasing demands they are seeing for the service.

Coin Fire will have an in-depth review of the Hashlet service later this week.

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    1. I’ve spoken to Leo regarding using affiliate links in posts and made sure he is aware that we never endorse them and that they must always be fairly disclosed.

      As to the merits of GAW being a scam we have taken no money from them as a site unlike many of our counterparts and I’ve asked Leo to please refrain from using an affiliate link in the future. We can not verify the scam claim for GAW and always tell everyone to do research before making any sort of investment.

      I’m moving to remove the affiliate link and writing a full explanation at the header of this entry. Much like the situation with another contributor we take this sort of thing very seriously and will work with our staff to educate them on what is and isn’t acceptable on our site.

    2. I am not here to discuss the potential scam of GAW Miners but rather provide news and I do admit using an affiliate link was in bad taste and I have been reprimanded for this behavior by Mike and will no longer engage in this practice further.

      Much like with the previous situation with another contributor I am prepared to step down if the anonymous user here comments back to say that is the only acceptable outcome.

      I apologize for my lack of judgement regarding this situation.

      1. The story, if you can find one would be “what the fuck is a ‘hashlet'” and what does 1MH/s mean in the context of one. I can’t find anywhere with this clearly expressed.

        1. Let’s do this!

          I’m certainly interested in determining if this whole GAW thing is legit.

          I ordered a few for review purposes and have been logging the charts every hour I can, the payouts, etc and I am certainly finding some “interesting” results.

          I’m hoping to have something to report once I have gathered enough data.

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