“Gartman: Avoid the bitcoin boom” – CNBC | $4,046.99

How can you buy a house, how can buy a car, how can you buy Starbucks with bitcoin when price is going to fluctuate as dramatically as it has. This looks to me like… very much.. you can take the chart of bitcoin and apply it against the tulip bulb mania of the 15th century and the patterns look exactly the same.

We shall walk in one day, there will be some hardware or software problem where there will be no ability to trade and […] 1% [of your portfolio]is probably […] too high as far as I am concerned to own bitcoin. It is a punter’s dream. I give them credit for that. It is something I will absolutely stay from, have stayed away from

Eulogy made by: Dennis Gartman

Source (starting 3:30)

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