Developer creates a Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Hotspot

The developer Richard Green recently posted on Reddit a message announcing that he had finished a working prototype of a new Bitcoin enabled WiFi hotspot powered by a Raspberry Pi. The hotspot can be identified by the SSID (Service Set IDentifier) ‘BitcoinWifi’ and allows connections to Bitcoin nodes, via port 8333, enabling payment to provide full access to the service.

According to the author, the device requires zero configuration to work, but it needs to be added to an existing infrastructure – a 5V USB mains adapter and a router via Ethernet -, which means it won’t work as a fully mobile hotspot.

To this base, Richard Green added an administrative web page that allows the users to send the Bitcoins from the Raspberry Pi’s address to the main storage wallet.

There are already plans to sell the Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Hotspot: the developer will market a kit that includes the Raspberry Pi, SD card with the original software and a USB WiFi dongle. Everything for a price that will be close to 1 BTC. If you’re interested, you can send him a message via Reddit.

In the meantime, Richard Green is also looking for sponsors that can support the project. If you’re interested in helping, you can contact him through his email address [email protected].


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