‘Crypto Declared Dead, is This Now the Bottom?’ – TRUSTNODES | $3,451.11

I believe bitcoin will eventually go to zero and so too will many bitcoin look-alikes. So the question is, what will survive? Ripple looks dodgy, so I don’t think that will last either.

Eulogy made by Kevin Dowd

Primarily all we do with bitcoin is that we trade it. That is awfully similar to tulips and Beanie Babies in their heydays ― and we all know what happened to them. So it is a not a question of if, but more a question of when bitcoin will go to zero,

Eulogy made by Atulya Sarin

Cryptocurrencies operate on the belief that the currency can be created through technology, such as blockchain that is uncrackable, and therefore the currency is limited in production, has value and its value is determined by the belief that using the currency would avoid third-party knowledge of the transaction, especially taxation, foreign exchange controls and anti-money laundering.

Eulogy made by Andrew Sheng


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