Bitrefill Announces New Remittance System with Celery

Last updated on October 13th, 2017 at 06:23 pm

The global prepaid mobile top-up service Bitrefill and New York based exchange Celery have launched an integration-based partnership that enables US users to send instant mobile airtime remittances to over 100 countries.

The news was announced on the annual International Money Transfer Conference in Las Vegas held today.

The service does not require either the sender or receiver to understand cryptocurrency. The sender can simply connect their bank account and choose an amount to send in the receiving currency. A text message is then sent to recipient within a minute stating that the money has been credited to their account.

Ilya Subkhankulov, CEO of Celery, says,

“This integration uses all of the benefits of bitcoin, but hides the complexities from the user. We just use Bitcoin as settlement rails.”

Bitrefill offers a service where users around the globe can buy airtime in over 100 countries. Celery is an online wallet and exchange for digital currencies such as bitcoin.

With this integration, users of Celery simply select the new item “Phone Refill” from the menu, enter the phone number needed, and choose the amount to send. Everything happens automatically, dollars are withdrawn from the user’s US bank account, and arrives within a minute on the recipient’s phone.

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