“Bitcoin’s Rallying Again—But Isn’t Getting Much Attention Anymore” – WSJ | $577.14

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

Lack of media and public interest bode poorly for the long-term future of the virtual currency, even though it has regained much of the value it lost in 2014….

But the rest of the world appears to have lost interest.

That’s not great for the long-term use of bitcoin and the fans who want to see it become a widely-used medium of exchange. With the currency currently dependent on notoriously-fickle Chinese retail investors, they would surely swap a gain in global popularity over a short-term rally in value.

Right now, the virtual currency just seems to have lost its “cool.”


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Ryan Web
Ryan Web

I’m not so sure how true that really is.. I have been hearing more and more about bitcoin in recent months then ever before, on a local level anyway. My local radio station has been talking about bitcoin a bit (talk radio) and several stores I have done marketing for online, have recently started accepting btc as well.