Bitcoin Scam Alert! List of Current Bitcoin Scams and Scammers


After falling for the latest bitcoin scam out there I am compelled to write about the number of bitcoin scams going on out there and the scammers behind them. My Story began in a Thursday after noon (Wednesday August 13, 2014) when I was contacted by a person pretending to be a representative of selling sponsored posts  on the site with bitcoins. The individual asked for .40 worth of bitcoins for the sponsored post but I was able to convince him to accept .02 bitcoins. See a copy of the first bitcoin scam email I received below.


bitcoin email scamsHere’s first problem I failed to spot. Take a look at the email address the bitcoin scam was sent from. It reads “[email protected] David Parker is the a real co-owner of the website and is listed on the site as so. David Parker is legit. However, what is not legit is this David Parker from this email address. Someone duplicated to Can you spot the difference? The bitcoin scam website/email is with a ‘z’ and the legit bitcoin news site is with an ‘s’. But when the bitcoin scam email is sent, the correct website is listed in the body of the email with the fraudulent email address!

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A few hours later after negotiating a lower rate for the sponsored post, I sent .20 bitcoins to the scam bitcoin address 1NzpPpSKJyFbpUruMkxF8FVm6huoUwhrLc. Little did I know this bitcoin address was the address that would disappear with my bitcoins to the ‘never recover’ land.


bitcoin sponsored posts scam

Forward to 9 days later. After countless emails to the fake David Parker asking for the status of the sponsored post that was supposed to be posted within 24 hours, I went to the bitcoin news site and contacted everyone listed on their contact page with a disappointing message. It was then that I was sent a post written weeks ago about the bitcoin scam artist falsely representing the real David Parker. I read the post and learned that I was not the only one to fall victim to that particular bitcoin scam.

The same type of scam seems to be running around Coindesk as well. Someone pretending to be Shakil Khan (Coindesk’s owner) is sending emails regarding fake advertising spots.

As a results, I decided to tell my story and create a list of bitcoin scams and scammers to help the bitcoin community identify and neutralize them! Please fell free to add to this list (on the comment page and we will move them to the list) any known bitcoin scam artist or bitcoin scams!

List of Bitcoin Scam Artists / Scammers / Websites / E-mail Address / Bitcoin Address

Scammer: David Parker (the real David Parker is co-owner of with ‘s’ on coin(s))
Bitcoin Scam Website: (Legit website is with an ‘s’)
Scam Bitcoin Address: 1NzpPpSKJyFbpUruMkxF8FVm6huoUwhrLc

Jonas Chokun

I fell in love with bitcoin about 2 years ago and have never looked back. Over a 2 year period, I learned as much as I can about this hot/new virtual currency and have bought, sold and traded a few bitcoins myself. Now, I want to share with you what I know! Enjoy.


  1. Obi Solomon on

    Hello there.
    Please is the website: a scam or real?

    Please I need answers & if it’s a scam, where can i do real bitcoin business?

  2. What about twinbitcoin- double bitcoin in 100 hrs, has anyone getting in touch with this investment?

    Scam… Stay away

    • Zsofia - 99Bitcoins support on

      At the moment we cannot recommend any sites that promise to double your Bitcoins.

  4. Gianfranco on

    Hi every one!
    I would like to know if any one knows about “Bit Coin”.
    Is it a scam or legit? Thank you.

  5. Anybody is experienced with for BTC software? I want to know whether it is legit or spam?

  6. Marcus Duffner on
    Payed 0.02 BTC into 1AQp51H22WHDzLgK64NoUo3Bg3T183QR22
    payment did not show up on the page. No reply on email or live support.

    same here. 178BzARKjkszrTyx4TxBKHhzGLZijdE26e

    Stay away and keep your coin they will double with a bit more patience anyway. Good luck.

  7. Investors also beware of ! They are also online fraudsters! Never use their wallet for your digital currencies or their so-called fake exchange.

    I had 71,000 plus Dogecoin in my Doge account on Till date they denied me access to my account and refused to reply my emails.

  8. Hi guys anybody know about this…? As i am looking for some legit sites of BTC to work on…

  9. Michael Fuessel on

    doubler BTC is a worse scammer, giving a central Bitcoin address and the thereto transferred money vanishes in Nirwana. Despite dozens of mails to clear the situation, you get absolutely no reply. Gangsters!!!!

  10. real bitcoin multiplier is a scam group on Facebook.

    Tracy btc Gagnon and Jonathan whiteonly are big scammers. I’ve lost 0,0304 btc .

    they add you in group and block you after investment

    stay away from these thieves!

  11. Davinder Pal Singh on

    To [email protected]
    Dear Sir, I’m very much disappointed by the attitude of you people. Below is my mining withdrawals starting from 10March 17, which are still pending

    I have sent many mails but not received reply to single one.
    This all makes me to believe yours is a bogus company, which ignore interests of users. Now I have left only with one option to stop dealing with you.
    And I will post my bad experiences about your miner and all this making me to believe you people are only cheater and your miner is a big scam and nothing else.
    Kind regards
    dave kohli.
    My account (ID:1425542)

    Date ID Amount Source Status
    2017-05-07 20:46:37 2275391 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-05-07 20:45:53 2275388 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-04-28 09:04:15 2201635 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-04-26 16:59:39 2187765 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-04-21 07:31:42 2143007 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-04-13 09:18:17 2074928 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-04-08 15:15:54 2030794 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-04-03 17:29:26 1983684 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-03-30 02:34:57 1936294 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-03-27 08:04:18 1906286 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-03-25 02:56:12 1885857 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-03-18 04:00:54 1790984 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Payed TXID
    2017-03-18 03:55:50 1790955 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Cancelled
    2017-03-10 10:56:49 1670220 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Pending Cancel
    2017-03-09 07:27:40 1651175 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Cancelled

    • hi there Davinda i am interested to know if you funded any of these accounts as i am about to fund mine.your answer would be much appreciated.many thanks Graeme

  12. Guys, any idea about
    It’s a brazilian base company. I’ve run the test here and some of the question checked out fine.
    Site is 5 months old and a friend of mine has been earning quite a bit since december.
    Plans look great and you have the ability to create a binary system to earn additional bonus.
    Let me know if you have any comments or see any warning flags. Thanks!

    • Ofir Beigel on

      Anything that offers easy money should be a cause for suspicion. I haven’t heard about this site but it seems to have a somewhat gambling nature to it. I’d advise not to invest anything you can’t afford to lose in sites like these.

    • Hi I hope you didn’t invest in this page, in my experience this is not scam but is not convinient, I invested 0.4 BTC 6 months ago and when I decided to Withdraw they made me wait a lot, also there are so many fees that I did not won any money in fact I lost some because of the policies Early Withdrawal Fee, and the worst is, your BTC is in USD at the moment you make the deposit so it doesn’t matter if the price of btc is growing up because they will pay you with USD equivalent as when you made the deposit, since the btc is now in 2800 dls I received less than 0.2 btc.

      I’m not saying is a fraud, I’m just saying is not advisable.

  13. ScamAlert on

    Beware of I have invested 0.2btc and they never paid. I have tried to contact them through their contact form, email and even through chat box but they never replied. Recent Payout they are showing , it is fake.

  14. Beware of hey are scammers they will give you account to deposit and then dont answer any more. they are scammers so beware.

  15. is a scam. I invested small amount and withdrew successfully, the I decided to invest more just to notice I can’withdraw again. Everything you try withdrawing is going pending. Plz avoid

    • Christiane on

      it looks like you are right. The site is now closed…. and I lost some money in it. No reply from Support email address.

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