“Bitcoin or Shitcoin?” – BitMex Research | $6,404.87

[Bitcoin is] the sphere of the dope smoker, affluent, libertarian, anarcho-capitalist.

You create something that is extremely volatile in price that attracts lots of gamblers.

If I think back over my 43 years in financial markets or writing about them, observing them. This [Bitcoin] is so like so many previous cults and waves of delusion, greed, risk taking, been wrapped up in some smart ideological language.

Think back to when the so-called Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto was busy writing his piece of software and his famous white paper and so on, the world was having an economic crisis. It was propped up by the imperfect mechanisms of the quantitative easing of ultra-low interest rates and so on, that that big, huge, biggest ever government and central bank intervention actually did what it said on the tin. And all this time you [incoherent], go out there inventing this piece of horseshit to replace it.

Eulogy made by Martin Vander Weyer


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