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bitcoin obituary

“Bitcoin Is Dead” – The Weekly Standard | $672.22

5. March 2014

All of which is why I’m convinced that while bitcoin (or something like it) is likely to hang around as a niche commodity for certain kinds of gray- and black-market transactions, Mt. Gox pretty much assures that the average consumer will never use it. Because there is no way for you to ever ensure that your bitcoins are completely safe. . . . The speculators may not realize it yet, but you can stick a fork in bitcoin. It’s done.

“Bitcoin Is Dead” – The Weekly Standard | $672.22 Read More

bitcoin obituary

“Bitcoin is (Nearly) Dead” – Acton | $672.22

5. March 2014

Opinions are still divided, but the evidence that Bitcoin is doomed to failure piles up almost every day. . . . Of course, we Bitcoin doomsayers have been waiting for the bubble to pop for some time now. We also tend to think that every new drop is a sign of it’s impending doom. . . . Anyone still willing to bet a Bitcoin on the future of Bitcoin?

“Bitcoin is (Nearly) Dead” – Acton | $672.22 Read More

bitcoin obituary

“Bitcoin is Dead” – Street Insider | $578.98

26. February 2014

Bitcoin’s market cap on paper by far exceeds that of the competition, but the ability to translate Bitcoin wealth to wealth in other forms is very limited. There are many Bitcoin holders heavily invested in Bitcoin’s success and it has a first mover advantage. However as a store of value, its only value is reputational, and recent developments have shaken that reputation.

“Bitcoin is Dead” – Street Insider | $578.98 Read More

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