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Bitcoin News Summary – November 25, 2019


Bitcoin is down more than 15% from the weekly opening price and has dragged the entire crypto market downward along with it.

People’s Bank of China warned it will take action against entities that may be involved in trading cryptocurrencies. The move was in response to a rise in trading activity following China’s public endorsement of blockchain technology. Pledging to keep its promise to outlaw trading, the PBoC vowed to “dispose of” any such activity it discovered under its jurisdiction.

Following the statement, attention focused on reports of alleged police raids on the offices of Binance and Bithumb in Shanghai. Both exchanges promptly denied the rumors. In a tweet response on Friday, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, announced its intent to sue the news agency which released the story, and called the report ‘pure FUD’. 

The Monetary Authority of Singapore, may soon allow cryptocurrency-based derivatives to be traded on regulated platforms. The proposal comes as a response to demand from international institutional investors for regulated products to be able to hedge their exposure in payment tokens.

The CEO of Paypal, Daniel Schulman, has revealed that he personally owns Bitcoin. In a recent interview, Schulman was asked numerous questions regarding his crypto holdings , where he admitted that he indeed holds Bitcoin.

And finally, cryptocurrency institutional investors overwhelmingly keep their wealth on exchanges despite the inherent security risks. According to a survey of 76 institutional investors, 92% of participants chose to keep their crypto with trusted third parties, and not under their own control.

That’s what’s happened this week in Bitcoin. See you next week. 


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