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‘Bitcoin is Nothing More Than ‘Bovine Excrement’’ – CCN | $3,929.31

So what happened when the cryptocurrencies first came out in 2010 and 2011 is most people who looked at it with technical understanding went, “Oh, this is bovine excrement, and walked away

The big fatal flaw is that it doesn’t actually work as currency. If you can’t use it as a competitor to all the other actual digital currency systems we have, like, oh, PayPal…. All of these payment systems are vastly more efficient than the cryptocurrencies, unless you’re interested in criminal activity.

Eulogy made by Nicholas Weaver


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Paypal is not a competitor to Bitcoin, the world banking system is! Paypal is still apart of the banking system as you know it, Bitcoin looks to by-pass that system. Bitcoin goes way beyond just being a currency, Bitcoin is an eco-system in which currency is only one app.

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