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‘Bitcoin Is Headed For Zero’ – Gizmodo | $30,817.83

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I predict all these forms of cryptocurrencies that are not backed by central banks or backed by assets will ultimately go to zero. I can’t tell you when it will happen, but it’s inevitable that it will go to zero,

Eulogy made by Hamish Douglass


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  1. HFSP. How can Bitcoin go to zero when it’s the DOLLAR that’s going to zero?! Hahah all Bitcoin has to do is survive and wait it out as fiat kills itself. Bitcoin’s decentralization and resiliency is its greatest feature. It’s price is merely a mirror reflection of the general sentiment and confidence in fiat. If they wanted Bitcoin to go away they shouldn’t have gambled our homes and pensions away into piss. This is just inevitable payback. Literally.


  2. Australian investor here. I fully redeemed my investment with Magellan, as it seems the only thing these guys are good at are charging fees. Certainly not outperforming their index or understanding technology.

  3. I’m an Australian investor and I sold 100% of my holdings in Magellan after this article got published. I regret paying management fees to this clown who doesn’t understand technology.

  4. Central banks are the reason why my parents are losing there pensions inflating the fiat currency and depreciating it there too old to go back to work…

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