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Being Honest…

One thing that I’ve wanted to talk about on this new blog is the fact that I do include affiliate links in my reviews and I would like to address why I am doing that, what that means for you as a reader and what it means when I state that I am giving an honest and fair review.

I do this site because I’ve been looking at the sort of sites I am reviewing for the past several months and saw several other people start guides such as this one. I was appalled by the level of advertisements, scams and just questionable reviews I was reading.

I decided that I would create a guide of sorts as well and that I would share the best of the best sites that I am finding on the Internet and keep it up to date with the latest information as to which sites are still being honest, still are paying and which ones are changing the way things are done.

I add affiliate links to my reviews because they help me pay for my costs of operating this site. They also give me a slight bit of compensation for my time of sharing this guide with others. They however do not have an impact on my reviews. You never have to signup with my link but in doing so it gives me a minor thanks and helps me keep doing what I am doing.

If I come across a site and start reviewing it and it is garbage I am going to tell you that it is garbage. I’m already writing a few reviews right now that aren’t very kind and clearly point out the issues of the sites, programs or software that I am download and trying for you the readers.

You as a user do not have to use my affiliate links. I encourage you to signup using them though because they barely compensate me for my time spent to write these reviews. I can also assure you that sometimes I am going to post reviews that aren’t glowing about various things I am finding on the Internet.

I hope that you will keep joining me on this journey as I expand this site to contain even more reviews and opinions. I’m also hoping in the near future to allow user voting on sites so you can see what your peers believe as well.



If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to comment or use the contact form on my site to get in touch! I would love to hear from you.

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