Atlas launches campaign to create a new Bitcoin exchange

There might be a new Bitcoin exchange on the horizon, with the company Atlas ATS Inc. kicking off a marketing campaign and fund raising to promote the Atlas Exchange.

The New York-based firm has already started collecting donations on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and advertising their new project during presentations at public events. In just two days, on July 10th, the company will be presenting their idea at the Bitcoin Start-up event at the Hatchery, in New York City.

According to the company, this platform “will be providing critical and timely support to the Bitcoin economy, which requires proven, mature exchange technology in order to establish the liquidity and stability” cryptocurrency needs.

Besides raising money to create the exchange, Atlas is also using the campaign on Indiegogo to raise awareness regarding digital currencies and the benefits of using a reliable exchange platform. The members who decide to join and support the project will be offered some rewards, from a T-shirt to a lifetime membership.

To check the campaign at Indiegogo and even maybe leave your donation, click here.

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