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60 Second Video News Summary – Jan 22, 2018

Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 60 seconds.

Bitcoin’s price dropped below the $10,000 level. All other altcoins suffered massive drops and the market is now slowly recovering from this massive panic sell.

South Korean government officials were involved in insider trading by taking crypto market positions prior to an announcement to ban Korean crypto markets. Over 250,000 outraged citizens have signed a petition in protest against these high-level market manipulators.

Regulators have issued Cease and Desist orders against BitConnect, a suspected Ponzi scheme. In response, BitConnect announced that they’d be ending all lending and trading activity on their platform. The value of the Bitconnect token fell from above $400 to below $6.

Finally, although the Lightning Network is still in testing phase, almost 30 nodes are currently testing the network with real bitcoins. This signals that this highly-anticipated technology will probably be arriving sooner than expected.

That’s what happened this week in Bitcoin. See you next week.

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  1. I like the 60 second videos in general and look forward to each new one. I wonder if you could add news about upcoming ICO’s and a link to get basic info about each?
    If not, what about links to sites that review exchanges, new technology for storing Bitcoins and altcoins, and the best sites for viewing cryptocurrency transactions in real-time? I would really appreciate your advice about the best sources (in addition to – which is awesome) for current cryptocurrency news that would help new investors. Thanks.

  2. I like your video but it seems to me that there is more to share about the state of the crypto market. I’d suggest 3 minutes and get rid of the pointy hair, its distracting. You also have a nice voice that is very clear and easy to understand each word you speak.

    Looking forward to the next video…..

  3. Cool, Alexander! 😀

    But by the time I get your 60-Second Video the news you offer are already old because I get news daily from the CryptoCompare Market Analysis Report and Ethereum World News.

  4. Really love your 60 second video and the updates. Please keep going!!!! For someone like me living in the Bahamas, I would like to know which coinbases I can use. Many don’t accommodate for areas outside of the U.S.

    1. Hey Patrice,

      OK, just to clarify, a coinbase is technical term from Bitcoin and Coinbase is US exchange… I really hope Coinbase doesn’t become synonymous with “Bitcoin exchange” – as they’re more like a traditional bank in their attitude towards Bitcoin… Anyway, I take it that you’re looking for a Bitcoin exchange which works for people in the Bahamas. will work for credit cards. Otherwise you might have some luck finding local traders using the website. Right now it seems there’s a guy in Nassau who’s selling. You can also try, although I’ve heard a few bad reports on those guys so go with a low amount at first.

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