4 Steps to Keeping Your Bitcoins Safe


Use these 4 steps to avoid theft and keep your Bitcoins safe.

Step 1 – Select a strong password for your Bitcoin wallet

Many people get into the habit of choosing the same password for all of their online accounts. This puts your Bitcoins at risk. Choose a strong password for your Bitcoin wallet. You can use software like 1password or Roboform to create and store your passwords for you – this way you will never use the same password twice ever again.

Step 2 – Use 2 factor authentication

Most online Bitcoin wallets provide the option of a 2 factor authentication process. This means that whenever you log on you’re required to authenticate yourself with an additional step other than your password. Most of the time this will be a verification text message sent to your phone. Even though this may feel cumbersome at times, using 2 factor authentication reduces the risk of theft drastically.

Step 3 – Backup your Bitcoin wallet

A backup of your wallet can protect you against computer failures and many human mistakes. It can also allow you to recover your wallet after your mobile or computer was stolen if you keep your wallet encrypted.

Step 4 – Use cold storage for large amounts of Bitcoins

If your wallet stores a large amount of Bitcoins make sure to keep it in what is known as cold storage. Cold storage means your wallet isn’t present on the web or on any other computer. An example for cold storage could be a paper wallet or a flash drive that has your private key encrypted on it.

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  1. Are there any digital mining opportunities you can recommend? I thought I saw some that would pay out to your bitcoin wallet after paying a fee. It sounds good but I don’t know if it’s got a worthwhile return and then they promote more speed or power to mine more for extra money. Are these profitable and how long do they last for? I couldn’t figure it out and don’t have much money to risk. Thanks!

  2. Monday Emmanuel on

    How can I buy bitcoin from Nigeria and who are the certified agent to meet for transaction so that I will not be played as a beginner.Pls help.

    • Zsofia - 99Bitcoins support on

      Hi, I recommend the Crash Course for you, you can sign it up on the front page, it should have all the necessary information for you.

  3. First and foremost I will like to say thanks and appreciate you’re enlightment about bitcoins.. Just wanted to ask, can I have multiple transactions of bitcoins sent to my wallet?

  4. Hi ofir,

    Good day.

    at the beginning of the lesson. after i subscribed. your email said that i could GET YOUR $27 BITCOIN for free.

    will, i finish 7 lessons and I still don’t have the free.


    • Hello Hasher, when you sign up we offer you to get this course which is worth $27 for free, we do not send out $27 worth of Bitcoins. Hope this clears things up a bit.

  5. This is probably going to sound like a really silly question… I am trying to send the email to get the free start up bit coins. is the public wallet name the really long number/letter sequence or my email address (username)?

    • Hey Heather, there’s no such thing as a stupid question :) And it’s the long number/letter sequence. For example this is my public address: 1GrwYYTDJic27cstVCjzS8Muvutw6JUYqB

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