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3 Best Airdrops to Watch Out For That Could Supercharge Your Crypto Portfolio In April 2024

Get ahead of 2024 bull market & discover the 3 of the best airdrops in crypto, don't miss chance to supercharge portfolio with new airdrops.

Get ahead of the 2024 bull market and discover 3 of the best airdrops in crypto for April 2024 – don’t miss the chance to supercharge your crypto portfolio with new airdrops to secure the biggest gains this run.

After so many lucrative airdrops in the past few years, from projects such as Arbitrum (ARB) and Jito (JTO), market appetite is huge, as retail investors chase stories of participants earning as much as $2,000 to $20,000 in tokens for minimal financial output. 


Airdrop season is constantly in motion during a bull market, and the pre-halving market environment in April is no exception, so let’s dig into some hot projects that don’t currently have a token, but offer the opportunity to farm a potential airdrop.

3 Best Airdrops To Watch Out For In April 2024

So without further delay here are 99Bitcoin’s picks for the top 3 new airdrops in the April 2024 crypto market:

1. Grass Airdrop (GRASS)

Grass is a pioneering Layer-2 Data Rollup, gathering AI training data from public websites through a wide network of web-scraping nodes operated by residential internet users.

Participants are incentivized for their involvement – the collected data undergoes cleaning and processing to form structured datasets, enriching Grass’s expanding repository for AI training purposes – there is a long-rumored airdrop coming for anyone taking part in the Grass bandwidth lending platform.

Create an account with Grass, install the Grass Chrome extension, and hit the ‘Connect’ button – voila, you are now earning points by lending your unused bandwidth to the Grass platform.

This is a non-invasive process, Grass can’t see what you are browsing nor can they use your bandwidth to conduct any illegal activity.

Grass Epoch 3 ends on April 9, and the rumours are this will be the final Epoch before a potential airdrop event, so there are still over two weeks remaining to begin earning points!

2. Renzo (RENZO)

Renzo is a Liquid Re-staking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager for the EigenLayer ecosystem, and many people are eyeing a potential Renzo airdrop, which while not officially confirmed, has grown as a prospect as the team just launched a points system.

It is extremely simple to participate in the Renzo ecosystem and begin earning points. All you have to do is navigate to the ‘Restake’ tab on the Renzo interface and ‘Restake’ your ETH and in return you will receive/mint ezETH.

Hold your ezETH in your wallet, and receive 1 Renzo ezPoint per hour for every ezETH you hold, early participants are rewarded with boosts to their points gained, and you can also invite other users to participate, earning an additional 10% of the referred user’s points. 

3. MarginFi (MRGN)

Following on from the surge in Solana meme coins, investors are increasingly shifting gains to a decentralized Lending Platform on Solana.

If you have been playing around on-chain with meme coins on Solana and want to park some profits, MarginFfi is a great option where you can lend tokens and earn yield, or borrow tokens using tokens lent as collateral.

MarginFi hasn’t officially announced an airdrop but has recently introduced ‘MRGN points’, which reflect a user’s level of engagement within the Marginfi platform.

Lenders can earn points by depositing on MarginFi, which accumulates at a rate of 1 point per dollar per day – borrowers earn 4 points per dollar borrowed per day, on top of lending points from their loan collateral.

A safe way to play this airdrop would be by using only the lending feature to accumulate points for a potential airdrop – the APY offered by MarginFi varies from token to token, with SOL offering a 2.2% APY, USDC 24.4% APY and USDT 16.3% APY to name a few.

Bonus Airdrop Campaign on Solana: Smog – An Ambitious Airdrop Meme Coin Project

The name might be unconventional, especially for “green” enthusiasts and environmentalists. However, beyond the name, Smog is a meme coin project that has adopted a community-first approach and has high ambitions.

The platform runs on Solana, a high-throughput and scalable blockchain, and it aims to compete with BONK and other major tokens – with the unique offering of a high-octane airdrop adventure.

Here’s why Smog is interesting and worth exploring in 2024:

  • Launch success: Barely 24 hours after launching, SMOG rose 13X, aligning with the general success meme coins deploying on Solana had seen. 
  • Staking yield and rewards: Beyond the success at launch, SMOG holders can stake and receive as high as 42% APY. The high yields offer holders an opportunity to earn passive income, expanding their income base. 
  • Ongoing airdrop: The project plans to distribute 35% of its total supply through an airdrop campaign, rewarding loyal holders.

Buy SMOG Here

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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