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$80 I invested On April 2013 are worth $120K today.

I didn’t do it through buying and selling Bitcoins.

I have a whole other dirty little secret to reveal to you about Bitcoin…

ofirHi, my name is Alexander Reed and I’m the owner of this site (99Bitcoins). When I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2013 I thought there could be a huge business opportunity in it. Not in the currency itself but in the whole space surrounding it – The new businesses that are popping up, the demand for coins and so on.

The good news is I was right – Bitcoin was a TREMENDOUS business opportunity, the great news is that IT STILL IS. When I started my Bitcoin business back in 2013 I had only $80 to invest in it. But since I’m a veteran Internet entrepreneur I knew exactly what I had to do and by January 2015 the site had already grossed $120K in revenue.

Today I want to share with you the same exact tactics I used to create this amazing success

Now you can start your own Bitcoin business. Here are some of the things my dirty little secret holds:My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secret

  • How I made over $120K from Bitcoin without investing in the currency itself.
  • How I managed to reach the point where I work only 1 day a week and get a full month’s salary by the end of the month.
  • How to create an autopilot business that works even while you sleep.

All of this information including so much more is included in my new ebook called “My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secret”. The eBook is 223 pages long and details ALL of my unorthodox tactics and tricks that got me to where I am. You will receive detailed blueprints and step by step guides of how to copy my exact methods and create your own successful Bitcoin project.

Even if you have no online marketing experience whatsoever, this eBook will teach you everything you need to do from A to Z.


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Don’t just take my word for it, listen to the leading companies in the Bitcoin industry

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99Bitcoins brought more than $17,200 in Bitcoin transactions and hundreds of new leads to Coinbase99Bitcoins stats for 2014-2015

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“Alexander is an experienced marketer with great insights into the Bitcoin economy” ~ Alena Vranova, founder


More than 1,500 customers came onboard through 99Bitcoins marketing efforts – 99Bitcoins stats for 2014-2015

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“99Bitcoins emphasises information content more than the latest news; this is a crucial service for new Bitcoiners to be aware of”Caleb Chen, Author

And now to hopefully answer all of you questions…

Is this another ‘get rich quick’ eBook?

No. This book will underline the tactics to implement in order to get a competitive edge in the Bitcoin marketing arena. Using the information in this book will give you a great head start but it still requires effort on your part to implement these methods. There are no easy way to get rich..sorry.

Will I need to invest in Bitcoin in order for this to work ?

No. The methods described in this book allow you to profit from the existence of Bitcoin without any relation to it’s price. You will not need to invest in the currency and will not be exposed to its price fluctuations.

Will these methods cost money to execute?

Depends. I cover a wide array of tactics throughout the ebook. Some are 100% free and some require small investments. It’s up to you to decide which tactics you’d like to use. Having said that I’ve created my own personal “money machine” without spending more than $80.

Do I need any prior knowledge to use the information in this ebook?

You need to know your way around the Internet (which I assume you already know if you got this far). Other than basic Internet surfing skills nothing else is needed, everything is explained in an easy to understand language and in plain English.

What if this book is complete BS?

In that case you have a “60 day money back iron clad guarantee” – no questions asked. Just email me saying you want a refund and I’ll get on it right away, you’ll also be able to keep your copy.

If these methods are so awesome why aren’t you just keeping them to yourself ?

Good question. First of all, I think the Bitcoin space is so huge that there is enough room for many competitors. Second, selling this book gives me another revenue stream that helps me maintain the site.

Have more questions ? Contact me and I’ll do my best to answer within 24 hours.


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badge-60-dayIf you’ve been reading 99Bitcoins long enough you probably know I’m a man of my word. But even if you don’t know me well enough, since I’m positive this eBook will blow your mind away I’m willing to give you a full 60 day refund no questions asked guarantee. So basically it’s a no brainer, if you don’t like the eBook just ask for your money back and you’ll even get to keep your copy 🙂

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