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Advertise That Your Business Accepts Bitcoin

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Bitcoin accepted here

If you accept Bitcoin payments, it’s a good idea to publicize it. Letting the Bitcoin crowd know that they can spend their stash of cryptocurrency on your stuff will help get the bitcoins rolling in!

Grab one of the images below, or snatch yourself a different Bitcoin promo image, and slap it on your website. The most common spot to put the logo is at the bottom of your website in the footer, but some websites put it right up top in the header. The more prominent it is, the more folks will notice it.

Bitcoin Accepted Here
Bitcoin Accepted Here Medium
Bitcoin Accepted Here Small

List Your Store on Bitcoin Related Websites

Advertising for free on Bitcoin enthusiast websites is a great way to promote your business and get some traffic. Bitcoiners love to see new goods and services that will honor their coins. Below are the best places to list your Bitcoin accepting business:

  • Yelp — get your business listed there and specify that it accepts Bitcoin. Yelp recently added a new Accepts Bitcoin? attribute that can be enabled on any of their business listings.

  • — a directory site listing Bitcoin accepting businesses. Create a business profile and get listed on their site.

  • (physical stores only) — an interactive map that shows the locations of Bitcoin accepting businesses. Great for getting local customers in the door!

  • Bitcoin subreddit — has over 122,000 subscribers. Signup for a reddit account and make a new post to /r/Bitcoin about what your business does and that it now accepts Bitcoin. Don’t forget to add a link to your business website. An example post might look like:


    I make custom, high quality cowboy hats for a living – and now I’m selling them for Bitcoin!


    I own []( I’ve recently discovered Bitcoin and just setup my website to accept Bitcoin orders. I’m looking forward to making some kick ass hats for Bitcoin!

    Note that the above uses reddit formatting brackets to create a link to the website. Don’t forget to replace the “” with your website’s URL.

  • Bitcointalk’s service announcement subforum — post an annoucement about your new Bitcoin payment method. This site is where the hardcore Bitcoiners go for all their Bitcoin related news and events.

  • Trade section on the Bitcoin wiki — this page has a high Google ranking for searches related to Bitcoin accepting businesses. Note that you’ll need to signup for an account and pay .001 BTC for the ability to make edits to the wiki (the BTC fee is a spam deterrent measure).

  • Bitcoin Megaphone — if you’ve got a few cents worth of Bitcoin, you can post a quick ad and a link to your website using this service. Basically, Bitcoin Megaphone allows you to post any amount of text on it’s site, but you must pay per character in BTC (currently the fee is 0.00001 BTC per character). There’s an SEO bonus too: any text starting with “http” is converted to a hyperlink that does not contain a rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Shout It Out Over Social Media

Send out a Twitter tweet and make a Facebook post about your new Bitcoin acceptance. Let your customers and followers know they can now pay with the world’s first decentralized currency!

Get a Sign for Your Shop

If you’ve got a physical shop, it might be wise to have a sign or sticker on your front door that notifies customers that you accept Bitcoin. To save some money, you can print out a high resolution “Bitcoin Accepted Here” PDF and tape or glue it to your shop’s window.

Otherwise, you can buy a ready-made sticker for about $2 on or

If you really want to attract some attention, you can get a neon sign that glows “Bitcoin Accepted Here”. While they’ve got a rather steep price of $325, they’ll certainly make your store stand out amongst the rest of the businesses on the street!

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