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How to Buy Mega Dice Token ($DICE) – Easy Tutorial

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Mega Dice is an online casino gaming platform that offers exciting innovations, rewards, and earning opportunities with its cryptocurrency, $DICE. Players can access this new GameFi crypto token through the presale to extract several bonuses across 4,500+ casino games and 50+ sports betting markets. 

In our How to Buy Mega Dice Token guide, we show readers how to purchase $DICE through the ongoing presale. Continue reading to learn more about $DICE’s tokenomics, utility, and key features. 

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How to Buy Mega Dice Token ($DICE) Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

The sections below show readers how to buy Mega Dice Token ($DICE) through the presale: 

Step 1: Get a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Before purchasing $DICE, you must download a cryptocurrency wallet. The Mega Dice Token presale can be accessed with a compatible wallet, such as MetaMask. 

Desktop and laptop users can add the MetaMask extension on a supported browser and set up a new account. Mobile users can download the wallet application, which is available on iOS and Android. 

metamask wallet homepage

Step 2: Purchase Crypto Tokens 

Built on the Solana blockchain, $DICE is compatible with Solana (SOL). You can also purchase the token with Ethereum (ETH) and BNB (BNB). 

To purchase one of these tokens, visit a suitable crypto exchange, buy the coins, and transfer them back to your crypto wallet. 

Step 3: Connect the Wallet to the Presale 

Now, visit the Mega Dice Casino presale website. At the top of your screen, select the ‘Connect Wallet’ option, and follow the instructions on-screen to link your wallet with the presale. 

Step 4: Buy $DICE Tokens 

After the wallet is connected, start filling out your purchase details. First, select which crypto you want to make the swap with — ETH, SOL, or BNB. Then, enter the number of tokens you wish to purchase. 

Select ‘Buy Now’ to confirm the transaction. When purchasing tokens with SOL, you can also directly send tokens to Mega Dice Token’s crypto wallet address:


Buy $DICE tokens

Step 5: Claim Your Tokens 

After the presale ends, Mega Dice Token will release more information about the presale claim. Once the claim initiates, your tokens will be sent to your crypto wallet. 

Visit Mega Dice Token Presale

What is Mega Dice?

Mega Dice is a pioneering platform combining blockchain technology in the online casino gaming market. $DICE, the native token, is used within the ecosystem to provide players with a cutting-edge gaming experience by seamlessly integrating fast and efficient crypto transactions. 

Revenue in the online gambling market is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 6.20% between 2024 – 2029. The projected market volume for 2029 is more than $136 billion. To stand out in this growing market, Mega Dice is implementing multiple features. 

Firstly, this new cryptocurrency stands out in this market due to its CasinoFi (Casino Finance) attributes. It is built on Solana, one of the fastest blockchains in the world. Thus, players are guaranteed fast transaction speeds and low gas fees on Mega Dice. 

Mega Dice Casino games

Once data is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be altered. Thus, Mega Dice players are guaranteed high levels of transparency and trust with Mega Dice Casino. Furthermore, Mega Dice is a Telegram-powered casino that allows players to connect in a decentralized manner. 

The availability of Telegram and the universal nature of cryptocurrencies will help bring global adoption for Mega Dice. Since the $DICE token also directly benefits players within the ecosystem, Mega Dice Token could become one of the next cryptos to explode

On Mega Dice, players can access more than 4,500 casino games, including slot machines, provably fair games, and live game shows. You can also access over 50 sports and eSports betting markets. 

Notably, Mega Dice Casino offers more than just traditional casino and sports betting markets. The platform empowers futures crypto trading, where players can apply up to 1000x leverage on trades. While trading on leverage, you can start earning $DICE rewards. 

Mega Dice Token Staking and Other Benefits

The $DICE token is directly integrated into Mega Dice’s gaming ecosystem. Therefore, token holders can extract several benefits from this GameFi cryptocurrency. 

The $DICE token can be staked on Mega Dice to generate passive income. Mega Dice hosts three staking pools, each lasting 10 days, 3 months, or 6 months. The longer you stake, the more $DICE you can collect in your cryptocurrency wallet. 

Furthermore, staked token holders get preferential treatment when it comes to bonuses or exclusive game access. Staking tokens also reduces the circulating token supply and creates more scarcity in the market. This scarcity can lead to the appreciation of the token’s value

Mega Dice Token features

Staked token holders also earn daily rewards. However, the rewards are based on your individual performance within the Mega Dice Casino. $DICE token holders can also earn limited edition NFTs on Mega Dice. 

Given to a certain number of token holders, the limited edition NFTs give you special privileges and rewards. The NFTs can also be traded on the ecosystem. Those purchasing $DICE through the early stages of the presale can also benefit from early bird bonuses. You get additional tokens added to your crypto wallets. 

$DICE holders can join Mega Dice’s referral program and benefit from a 25% revenue-share profit model. For all these reasons, Mega Dice Token is shaping up to be one of the best altcoins in the crypto space. 

Keep reading to learn more about the tokenomics of the Mega Dice Token. 

Tokenomics and Presale of Mega Dice Token

The $DICE token supply has been carefully allocated to promote presale adoption, marketing purposes, and fulfill long-term objectives. 

$DICE has a total supply of 420 million tokens. 147 million tokens (35%) are being allocated through the ongoing presale round. At the time of writing, $DICE is priced at $0.069 per token. One of the best crypto presales, Mega Dice Token has raised more than $320K in just a couple of days. 

Mega Dice tokenomics

By the end of the presale, the Mega Dice Token aims to raise a $10 million hard cap. 15% of the supply will be distributed through a Casino $DICE pool. Through this pool, loyal customers and top performers will be rewarded with $DICE tokens. 

Another 10% of the token supply will be allocated through staking rewards. Once the presale ends, $DICE will conduct its initial exchange offering. 15% of the supply will be used to maintain liquidity across the crypto exchanges. 

Another 15% of the supply will be offered through Mega Dice Token’s airdrop campaign. Across three airdrop seasons, Mega Dice Token will distribute $2.25 million USD to winners. To win airdrops, players must stay active on the casino — by wagering a trading volume of over $5K within 21 days. 

Mega Dice Token presale

Through the affiliate program, Mega Dice Token will allocate another 5% of its supply. The remaining 5% will be allocated through marketing campaigns, which can lead to global adoption and growth. For all these reasons, Mega Dice Token can be one of the best cryptos to buy in 2024. 

For more information on this CasinoFi token, read the Mega Dice Token whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.  

Visit Mega Dice Token Presale


The Mega Dice Casino has laid out all its future plans across these five roadmap phases: 

Mega Dice roadmap

  • Phase 1 – Presale and Marketing: Through the ongoing phase, Mega Dice Casino is allocating 35% of its 420 million supply for the presale. A portion of the funds raised through the presale will be used to develop a professional marketing strategy. 
  • Phase 2 – Presale Token Claiming: Once the presale ends, token holders can claim their $DICE tokens. The tokens will automatically be sent to your crypto wallets. 
  • Phase 3 – Allocated Liquidity Provision: By the third phase, Mega Dice Casino will allocate 10% of its total supply for a liquidity pool. 
  • Phase 4 – Early Staking Incentive: By the fourth phase, presale buyers can begin staking $DICE on the smart contract and generate high annual yields. 
  • Phase 5 – DEX Launch: The final phase will involve the official launch of $DICE on a decentralized exchange. 

3 Reasons to Buy Mega Dice Token – Key Takeaways

Now that we have learned everything about the Mega Dice Token, let’s analyze the three key reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency project: 

  • Multi-Utility Gaming Token: $DICE offers several use cases through the gaming ecosystem – including exclusive NFTs, daily rewards, and referral bonuses.
  • Passive Income: Through the upcoming smart contract, $DICE can be staked across three pools to generate high APYs (Annual Percentage Yields). 
  • Presale Benefits: Early presale investors get free $DICE through the Early Bird scheme. They also have the chance to win from a $2.25 million airdrop pool. 


This how to buy Mega Dice Token guide has shown readers how to enter the $DICE presale in 5 simple steps. $DICE is the native token of Mega Dice Casino — an established online crypto gambling platform, offering 4,500+ games and 50+ sports betting markets. 

The $DICE token can be staked to earn passive income and offers referral bonuses, airdrop schemes, and daily rewards to members of the Mega Dice Casino. 

Visit Mega Dice Token Presale



What is Mega Dice Token? 

Mega Dice Token ($DICE) is a utility token that powers the Mega Dice Casino. It has multiple use cases, including offering daily bonuses to casino players, passive income to token stakers, and access to limited edition NFTs. 

What is the price of Mega Dice Token? 

Currently, $DICE is priced at just $0.069 during the presale round. From a total supply of 420 million tokens, 35% are being distributed through the presale. The price will increase per each presale stage. Our $DICE price prediction forecasts highs of $1 by 2030.

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