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How to Earn Free Bitcoin – Top Methods

There are many different ways to earn free Bitcoin. This includes everything from staking and cloud mining to faucets and airdrops.

Read on to discover 10 ways to generate free Bitcoin rewards in 2024.


10 Top Methods to Earn Free Bitcoin

Here are 10 popular ways to earn free Bitcoin in 2024:

  1. 99Bitcoins Airdrop: Offering a huge Bitcoin airdrop worth $99,999; 11 different ways to secure a ticket
  2. Savings Accounts: Deposit Bitcoin into a savings account and generate free BTC payments
  3. Exchange Referrals: Refer friends and family to crypto exchanges to earn affiliate bonuses
  4. Bitcoin Staking: Stake Bitcoin to generate passive income rewards
  5. Play-to-Earn Gaming: Play blockchain games to earn tokenized rewards, which can be swapped for BTC
  6. Rewards Credit Cards: Earn Bitcoin on day-to-day purchases with a rewards credit card
  7. Bitcoin Casinos: Gamble Bitcoin responsibly on slots, blackjack, roulette, and other popular casino games
  8. Cloud Mining: Earn BTC mining rewards remotely via cloud-based platforms
  9. Liquidity Farming: Provide exchanges with Bitcoin liquidity and earn a share of trading fees
  10. Brave Browser: Receive tokenized rewards when viewing ads; no upfront capital is needed

An In-Depth Look at the Best Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

I’ll now explain how each Bitcoin earning method works. Read on to choose the best way to earn Bitcoin today.

1. 99Bitcoins Airdrop: Offering a Huge Bitcoin Airdrop Worth $99,999, 11 Different Ways to Secure a Ticket

The first method to explore is the 99Bitcoins airdrop campaign. Put simply, 99Bitcoins is offering $99,999 worth of Bitcoin – split between 99 lucky winners. This is to celebrate the launch of 99Bitcoin’s learn-to-earn ecosystem. This enables people to earn free cryptocurrencies simply for taking courses, quizzes, and other educational resources.

The learn-to-earn platform will cover every topic imaginable. From blockchain basics and mining to initial coin offerings, wallet safety, and price action, the 99Bitcoins portal leaves no stone unturned. What’s more, tokenized rewards will be paid in 99Bitcoins Tokens ($99BTC), the reward currency of the learning ecosystem.

$99BTC is currently being sold to presale investors before launching on crypto exchanges – more on that shortly. Going back to the free Bitcoin giveaway, there are 11 different ways to enter. Most entry requirements are free, so there’s no requirement to risk any money. This includes signing up to the 99Bitcoins website, following the X page, and joining the Telegram group.

99Bitcoins free Bitcoin giveaway

Participants can also earn ticket entries when visiting the 99Bitcoins YouTube and Facebook pages. Additional entries are earned when investing in the 99Bitcoins presale and submitting a Bitcoin wallet address. The draw for the $99,999 Bitcoin giveaway will be made on July 19th, 2024. So far, almost 1,300 entries have been secured.

In terms of the 99Bitcoins presale, each token is selling for $0.001. Like most crypto presales, the price increases every few days. Investors can secure their presale purchase with ETH, USDT, BNB, or credit cards. After buying $99BTC at presale prices, the tokens can be staked for additional rewards.

The APY is currently 7,576%, but expect this to reduce as more presale buyers stake their tokens. Ultimately, 99Bitcoins could be one of the best crypto presales for 2024. The 99Bitcoins community is already home to over 709,000 followers. Not to mention 2.8 million social subscribers.

Visit 99Bitcoins

2. Savings Accounts: Earn Interest on Bitcoin Deposits and Enjoy Passive Income

The next way to earn free Bitcoin is by using a reputable savings account provider. These operate similar to traditional savings accounts, but you’ll be depositing Bitcoin instead of dollars. In doing so, the deposited Bitcoin will generate a yield, with payments made in new BTC coins.

There are many savings account platforms in the market—most are offered by crypto exchanges. It’s important to consider the platform’s safety, available APYs, and lock-up terms. The latter is particularly important, as some Bitcoin savings accounts have a minimum holding period. You won’t be able to withdraw the Bitcoins until the lock-up phase has passed.

Alternatively, some platforms offer flexible savings accounts, meaning you can withdraw the funds at any time. However, these typically come with a lower yield. This is similar to CD accounts, where longer terms usually secure the highest interest rates. In terms of providers, MEXC is worth considering if you prefer flexible withdrawals.

Bitcoin savings accounts at MEXC

It offers APYs of up to 1.8% when depositing Bitcoin. Another option is Margex, a popular crypto derivatives platform. It offers Bitcoin APYs of 3% with flexible terms. What’s more, Margex enables users to trade with the deposited Bitcoin. This will appeal to active crypto traders who want to increase their bankroll.

If the main priority is high Bitcoin APYs, could be worth considering. It offers a top rate of 5% on Bitcoin deposits. However, this requires a minimum lock-up period of three months. Moreover, you’ll need to stake CRO tokens to get the highest rate. Otherwise, the APY drops.

The main drawback with this Bitcoin earning method is you’ll need to initially invest some money. If this is possible, you can quickly compound your returns by reinvesting the interest payments. Some platforms make daily or weekly distributions, so you’ll have a constant flow of incoming payments.

Visit MEXC

3. Exchange Referrals: Refer Friends and Family to Crypto Exchanges to Earn Affiliate Bonuses

You can also get free Bitcoin through crypto exchange referrals. This is because the best Bitcoin exchanges offer a bonus when you refer friends and friends. Rewards can be paid in several different ways. For instance, some exchanges offer a commission-sharing program.

So, whenever one of your referrals trades, you’ll earn a small percentage of the commission they paid. Alternatively, some exchanges pay a straight-up crypto bonus. This can be Bitcoin or top altcoins like Tether or Ethereum. Either way, the referral will first need to meet some conditions before you receive any rewards.

For a start, they need to sign up with the crypto exchange through your unique referral link or code. This tracks the sign-up to your referral account. Next, the referral will also need to meet a minimum deposit. They usually need to meet a minimum trade requirement too. Once the conditions have been met, the referral bonus will be paid.

Binance referral program

In terms of providers, Binance offers a 100 USDT trading fee rebate on referrals. The invited user must sign up and deposit at least $50. OKX is also worth considering. It offers a mystery box for each confirmed sign-up worth up to 50 USDT. Unlike the Binance referral program, OKX doesn’t require any deposit or trade requirements.

The user simply needs to open an account and complete the KYC process. If you don’t have any friends or family who want to get into crypto, there are other ways to share your referral links. For instance, you might consider writing beginner-friendly blogs explaining how crypto works, with a link to your referral codes next to each recommended exchange.

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4. Bitcoin Staking: Stake Bitcoin to Generate Passive Income Rewards 

Staking is also one of the best ways to earn Bitcoin. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin can’t be staked directly on its network. This is because Bitcoin uses the proof-of-work model rather than proof-of-stake. That said, there are ways around this. One option is to obtain Wrapped Bitcoin.

Wrapped Bitcoin operates on the Ethereum network, meaning it can be staked. What’s more, Wrapped Bitcoin is backed 1:1 by actual Bitcoin, meaning the two prices are aligned. Once you’ve bought Wrapped Bitcoin, you can deposit the tokens into a staking pool. There are hundreds of options in the market, but you’ll want to focus on pools with high liquidity.

You’ll also want staking pools paying the best yields. A great option is to use OKX’s decentralized ecosystem, which connects to over 400 liquidity providers. Simply search for Wrapped Bitcoin and choose an appropriate pool. You can then connect a wallet to the OKX dashboard and begin earning passive rewards straightaway.

OKX Wrapped Bitcoin staking

If you’d prefer to hold Bitcoin, you can swap it with Wrapped Bitcoin on many exchanges. You can repeat this process each time you receive Wrapped Bitcoin rewards. Another option is to stake Bitcoin on a centralized platform. One of the best crypto staking platforms is Margex, which offers Bitcoin APYs of 3%.

As I mentioned earlier, Margex offers flexible withdrawal terms, and you can use the staked Bitcoin for trading capital. MEXC also offers flexible Bitcoin terms, but the APY is lower at 1.8%. The main drawback of using centralized staking sites is the counterparty risk; the platform controls your Bitcoins until you make a withdrawal.

Visit OKX

5. Play-to-Earn Gaming: Play Blockchain Games to Earn Tokenized Rewards

Play-to-earn gaming is another way to earn Bitcoin instantly. This is a huge growth market, with the play-to-earn industry expected to surpass $6.3 billion by 2031. In simple terms, play-to-earn games are built on the blockchain network, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Unlike traditional games, players can earn real-world rewards – simply for playing. Most play-to-earn games distribute rewards in their native tokens. This means you won’t directly earn Bitcoin. However, popular gaming tokens trade on crypto exchanges, meaning you can easily swap them with BTC.

Best of all, many play-to-earn games are free to play. This means you can earn free cryptocurrencies without needing to risk money. Players can also earn in-game assets, such as potions, apparel, boosters, and weapons. These are backed by unique NFTs, which can be sold to other players.

Axie Infinity earn free crypto

This offers another way to generate income. One of the best play-to-earn Bitcoin games is Axie Infinity. Players must collect and breed creatures called ‘Axies’. Tokenized rewards are earned when entering Axies into battles, completing tasks, and exploring the ecosystem.

Rewards are paid in AXS tokens, which trade on most tier-one exchanges. For instance, you can directly swap AXS for BTC on Binance. It’s also worth considering Decentraland and MyNeighborAlice when choosing the best play-to-earn Bitcoin game. In addition to gaming rewards, you can buy plots of metaverse land, which can be rented to other users for passive income.

6. Rewards Credit Cards: Earn Bitcoin on Day-to-Day Purchases With a Crypto Credit Card 

Specialist rewards credit cards are a great way to earn Bitcoin. You won’t need to risk or invest any money; simply use the credit card to make day-to-day purchases. In doing so, a percentage of each purchase will be paid as tokenized rewards. Ensuring you repay the monthly statement in full means you won’t pay any interest.

With this in mind, purchases should only be made on essentials; never use a credit card solely for earning rewards. One of the best options in the market is the Gemini Credit Card®. The card is issued by MasterCard, so can be used just about anywhere. Reward rates vary depending on the purchase category.

For example, Gemini offers 4% rewards on gas station purchases up to the first $200 monthly; the rate drops to 1% thereafter. You’ll also get 3% rewards on dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% on all other purchases. Best of all, users can select their rewards cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin.

Gemini credit card

Rewards are credited to your Gemini wallet as soon as the purchase is made. This means you can instantly revisit the Bitcoin rewards. Another top-rated provider is Nexo, which offers a dual-mode card. In a nutshell, Nexo comes as both a debit and credit card, allowing users to switch between the two at any time.

In terms of rewards, the Nexo credit card comes with 0.5% cashback when paid in Bitcoin. Alternatively, elect to receive rewards in NEXO tokens for a 2% payout. The Nexo debit card offers daily interest on account balances. You’ll earn up to 12% in Bitcoin or Tether or 14% in NEXO tokens.

7. Bitcoin Casinos: Gamble Bitcoin Responsibly on Popular Casino Games 

While this option won’t be suitable for everyone, crypto casinos offer another way to earn Bitcoin. The best Bitcoin casinos are regulated and use licensed software providers. This means you can safely deposit and wager Bitcoin in a secure environment. Some of the leading platforms include TG.Casino, Lucky Block, Wall Street Memes Casino, and BC.Game.

These Bitcoin casinos support thousands of gambling games. This ranges from roulette, baccarat, and slots to blackjack, video poker, and keno. Not to mention sports betting markets and provably fair games. Unlike conventional gambling sites, Bitcoin casinos offer privacy and anonymity.

Players can usually open an account with an email address and password – no personal information is required. What’s more, Bitcoin casinos often process withdrawals instantly. So, if you win money and want to cash out, you’ll receive the funds about 10 minutes later.

TG.Casino review

To minimize the risks, consider claiming a welcome bonus. For instance, TG.Casino offers new players 50 free spins on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot. Each spin is worth $0.20, which values the bonus at $10. Any winnings made from the free spins are wager-free. This means you can instantly withdraw the winnings to a private wallet.

Another option is Lucky Block, which offers a 200% matched deposit bonus to new players. For example, suppose you deposit $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. You’ll receive an extra $2,000 from Lucky Block. Every time you wager the deposit six times, Lucky Block releases 10% of the Bitcoin bonus. This means the bonus funds can be withdrawn.

Visit TG.Casino

8. Cloud Mining: Earn BTC Mining Rewards Remotely via Cloud-Based Platforms   

Mining is another popular way to earn free Bitcoin. The process incentivizes people to help verify transactions and keep the Bitcoin network safe. Every 10 minutes, 6.25 new Bitcoins enter the circulating supply. The rewards are allocated to the miner who successfully verified the respective block.

However, traditional Bitcoin mining is now controlled by major players with huge resources. This means solo Bitcoin from home is no longer viable. After all, you’d need countless ASIC devices that retail for thousands of dollars each. You’d also require unprecedented electricity consumption, as Bitcoin mining is energy-intensive.

Bitcoin cloud mining

The workaround for casual users is Bitcoin ‘cloud’ mining. In a nutshell, cloud mining platforms group resources from individual investors. After buying a contract, you have a right to any Bitcoin mining rewards generated. Your share is proportionate to the contract value.

For instance, if you own 1% of the contract, you’ll receive 1% of the mining rewards (after fees). There is no requirement to own any hardware devices; everything is taken care of by the mining provider. Make sure you’ve researched the platform extensively; some cloud mining sites are scams. You should also assess the contract terms, APYs, and payout frequency.

9. Liquidity Farming: Provide Exchanges With Bitcoin Liquidity and Earn a Share of Trading Fees    

Liquidity farming offers a passive way to earn free Bitcoin. It’s also a low-risk method, but this depends on the platform and chosen pair. In simple terms, you’ll be providing crypto exchanges with liquidity. This ensures exchanges have enough liquidity to process trading orders. As a liquidity provider, you’ll earn a share of the trading fees generated.

To engage in liquidity farming, you’ll need two different cryptocurrencies, which form a trading pair. For example, you could support the BTC/USDT pair on centralized exchanges. This means you’d need equal amounts of Bitcoin and Tether. Due to the high trading volumes of BTC/USDT, you could generate significant returns.

Liquidity farming pools on Uniswap

Make sure you’re using a reputable exchange, as you’re taking on counterparty risk. Alternatively, you might consider liquidity farming on a decentralized exchange. While Bitcoin isn’t always supported, you could provide liquidity for other popular pairs, such as ETH/USDT or SOL/USDT.

This reduces the counterparty risks, as decentralized exchanges never hold client-owned funds. Instead, transactions are processed by smart contracts. Any rewards you earn can be swapped for Bitcoin on a centralized exchange. Another benefit is that liquidity farming often comes without lock-up terms, so you can withdraw the funds at any time.

10. Brave Browser: Receive Tokenized Rewards When Viewing Ads    

If you’re wondering how to earn free Bitcoin without spending money, the Brave browser could be the best option. Brave is a privacy-focused web browser backed by Basic Attention Token. It’s already used by over 60 million people globally. Brave automatically blocks third-party cookies, cross-site tracking, and invasive ads.

That said, Brave is also a great way to earn tokenized rewards. If you choose to view in-browser ads, you’ll be paid BAT tokens. Ads will be relevant to your interests, and browsing data never leaves your device. This ensures privacy is retained. BAT tokens trade on major exchanges, so you can exchange them for Bitcoin. However, do note that BAT rewards are distributed monthly.

Brave browser earn free crypto tokens

What’s more, you’ll need to connect a non-custodial wallet before getting started. BAT operates on the Ethereum network, so you’ve plenty of wallet options. Brave is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. This includes desktop devices on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Not to mention mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones.


I’ve revealed how to get free Bitcoin in 2024, covering everything from cloud mining and savings accounts to rewards credit cards and play-to-earn gaming. The 99Bitcoins giveaway is also worth exploring.

$99,999 worth of Bitcoin will be distributed to 99 lucky winners. To earn free ticket entries, complete some basic tasks. The draw will be made on July 19th, 2024, so you’ve still got plenty of time.

Visit 99Bitcoins Token


How can I get Bitcoin for free?

When exploring how to earn Bitcoin for free, consider faucets, play-to-earn games, savings accounts, and rewards credit cards. You can also earn a share of $99,999 worth of Bitcoin by entering the 99Bitcoins giveaway.

Are there any apps that give out Bitcoin?

While some apps claim to distribute free Bitcoin, proceed with caution. I found that most providers are scams.

Can you mine Bitcoin for free?

No, you’ll need some upfront capital to mine Bitcoin, as ASIC devices must be purchased. An alternative option is to use a cloud mining platform, as contract minimums are often affordable.


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