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Wikileaks accepts Bitcoin donations to help Edward Snowden

After creating the Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund, Wikileaks has decided who will be in the center of its first fundraising: Edward Snowden. The fund, which raises money for journalistic sources’ legal defence, has chosen to support the man who revealed the truth about PRISM and the North-American surveillance program.

Besides the usual forms of fundraising – such as credit cards, cheques or PayPal -, the fund is also accepting Bitcoins. The campaign has only been up for two days, but has already collected over $9,000 through FundRazr, donated by 160 backers. And it looks like the cryptocurrency option is pleasing the contributors.

Edward Snowden, who was a consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA), is currently in Russia, where he has been granted temporary asylum. “The United States government is exerting substantial pressure on Russia and other countries in an attempt to force Mr. Snowden to the United States where he will face decades in prison or worse. (…) Mr. Snowden’s legal defence and its associated public campaign will be a long and expensive journey which will only be overcome with your support. Support the right to know. Support Edward Snowden”, it’s possible to read on the fundraising’s official page.

And to assure that everything goes by the book, Derek Rothera & Company Charted Accountants was appointed to administer the fund, which is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. “The Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund is audited and can only spend funds on the legal defence campaign of the nominated journalistic sources. The terms of the fund and its trustees can be obtained from Rothera & Co”, according to Wikileaks.

The organization guarantees that the work of the Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund won’t stop here: “periodically it will nominate sources it wishes to direct legal and campaign aide to”.

To make your Bitcoin donation, all you have to do is send the desired amount to the address 1snowqQP5VmZgU47i5AWwz9fsgHQg94Fa.

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