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Where do you get your Bitcoin news? 10 Bitcoin blogs you might know

Here at Bitcoin examiner we seek to keep you informed about the latest occurrences of the cryptocurrency world. Today, we take the time to recognize some blogs that have striven to keep our favorite coin’s image afloat on the internet.

1. Coindesk


Definitely, one of the major online voices of digital currency.

2. The Bitcoin Foundation Blog

Bitcoin Foundattion Blog mod

One of the most important blogs in the world of cryptocurrency and a source of official information.

3. Bitcoin Magazine



Daily news and updated rates for the most eager Bitcoin lovers.

4. The Standard Bit


A great source of Bitcoin news specifically directed to the big investors and Wall Street experts.

5. The Daily Bitcoin


“News from the brave new world of money” is their promise and they keep it.

6. Bitcoin Views


One of the best websites to get real-time news about Bitcoin.

7. The Bitcoin Trader

The Bitcoin Trader mod

A blog with several useful links where you can find a lot of information about virtual currency.

8. The Genesis Block

The Genesis Block mod

With the slogan “your foundation for all things Bitcoin”, The Genesis Block is definitely part of the Bitcoin chain of information.

9.  On Bitcoin

On Bitcoin mod

On Bitcoin is proud to track the essential Bitcoin news and the fast adoption of cryptocurrency.

And, finally, we land back home…

10. Bitcoin Examiner

bitcoin examiner org

Sorry, we couldn’t resist because we really think we deserve a spot in this list. With several daily updates, useful guides and cool lists, you know Bitcoin Examiner is a great source of information about the cryptocurrency world. We hope to see you around!

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Many people including myself are just starting to hear about Bitcoins even though they have been around since 2008-2009. They are a very new “currency” and will allow you to profit without ANY fees of transfer, any freezing of funds, doesn’t require banks and is currently feared by established financial institutions to the way of trying to ban it. The funny thing is that is it`s impossible to ban or prohibit because no one owns it! There are a group of clever developers are working on a tool that will allow people to make bitcoins every single day! There is… Read more »

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