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Virtual Expo for Cryptocurrency Coming

Cryptocurrency conferences take place all around the world and lots of people get together to talk, hear discussions and learn about some of the companies in the space but in December of this year a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers are getting together to bring a virtual conference that allows people located anywhere in the world the opportunity to take part in a virtual conference.

Using MMORPG like technology the event will allow attendees to virtually interact with the conference space and attend keynotes from Peter Todd, bitcoin core developer; David Johnston and Sam Yilmaz from DApps fund; Matthew Roszac from Tally capital; J.R Willett from Mastercoin; Kirk Johns from Merchantcoin; and other developers and visionaries from the crypto community.

The event appropriately named the Crypto Money Virtual Expo is taking place December 5th and 6th will be open to everyone, and will offer free access to the lectures and to the virtual exhibition halls, where dozens of startups and projects will present their companies via virtual booths – utilizing video, digital brochures and other informative methods.

Entering the event is as simple as opening a browser and joining online. Without the expensive costs of travel, making reservations at a hotel, or the hassle of finding a conference or expo center. The event is also free so you don’t have to worry about cost for tickets or any of those extra hassles.

“Virtual currencies deserve a virtual expo” said Eyal Abramovitch, co-founder of the Crypto Money Virtual Expo. “It is time to open the crypto community to the world, and with this Expo we are offering a fun and free way to do it right from your own computer.”

You can learn more details and information about the upcoming event at:

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