US-based exchange Crypto Street supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin: Namecoin and Primecoin are next

Bitcoin Examiner just did a list of the 13 most promising cryptocurrencies out there and now there’s a new exchange that can convert Bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin. The name of this service, which is currently running its beta testing phase, is Crypto Street.

This Delaware-based digital currency exchange is the first of its kind to be born in the United States and is focusing all its attention on these three cryptocurrencies that gather new users every day. Although this doesn’t mean Crypto Street is the only altcurrency exchange, since companies like the Bulgarian BTC-e already existed before, the new platform is relying on its origins to succeed: “people like and trust an American-based platform and that’s presently what we offer for an altcoin exchange”, says Shamoon Siddiqui, the founder and CEO of the company.


For now, while it’s still working to deal with FinCEN compliance, Crypto Street only supports trades between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin, so fiat currency is not in the game yet. However, the company states that it’s working to achieve that goal. Also, in a near future, the exchange is planning to release support for Namecoin and Primecoin, the first proof-of-work based cryptocurrency. “We’ll add more currencies as we find viable uses for them”, it’s possible to read on the website.

And to celebrate the launch of Crypto Street, the company isn’t charging fees to trade or withdraw. Shamoon Siddiqui explains that the exchange wants “to encourage a strong economy between the various altcoins” and that is why Crypto Street is starting with this kind of no-fee model. “But of course, that will change in time”, the founder assures.

So enjoy it while is free. Crypto Street will work on any device, from phones to computers, and allows you to trade on the go anytime and anywhere.


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