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US Association Football Leagues now accepts Bitcoin

The “perfect resource”. That’s how the United States Association Football Leagues (US-AFL) decided to describe Bitcoin after announcing it was accepting the world’s most famous cryptocurrency

The organization, which is “based on the principle of inclusion of all qualifying clubs from a grass roots regional level all the way up to a professional national level”, expects Bitcoin can provide an attractive alternative for club supporters and vendors, making it easier to contribute to the league’s work and initiatives.

Bitcoin-usafl-bannerBesides, “potential vendors, who’ll do business with the league and its clubs, may consider taking Bitcoin as an alternative way of exchanging goods and service”, the US-AFL adds on a statement published on its website.

“Because Bitcoin is not centrally regulated by any nation, it can be used on its own as an exchange for goods and services between peers without the effect of external market ups and downs. Additionally, because Bitcoin is exchangeable, there is the potential to use it as an investment, though this carries risks that all need to understand”, the association explains.

The league admits it’s still studying Bitcoin and trying to learn more about it, but it will definitely be using the cryptocurrency and promises to detail how the experience goes in future newsletters.

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